Biting the Stick – A New Novel on a Serious Subject

Biting the StickSusannah Carlton a writer and published author from the UK has just released her second novel ‘Biting the Stick’ a hard hitting story on the very serious subject of Female Genital Mutilation

Susannah has a background of working as a counsellor specialising in domestic violence and writes about topics close to her heart, especially when she believes those topics need some much needed publicity to try and raise public awareness as to their existence.

The subject of female genital mutilation has more recently been gaining the attention of some high profile people, including the British Prime Minister, David Cameron and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The British police, unlike the French, have never brought a successful prosecution for this offence even though in theory it carries a prison sentence of up to 14 years. The French police, and this practice occurs all over Europe, are much more pro-active and have reduced it happening significantly. Tens of thousands of children are affected. The novel is really about the process of accommodation, or not, by the wider community to behaviour from other cultures now embedded in their societies.

Published and available as both a paperback and a Kindle ebook you can find a review of the story on Squidoo here Biting the Stick

It is an account of what happens when a student support worker stumbles upon a cutting party, her personal trauma, the politics that are invoked and the different perspectives of all those involved. A great story written to raise awareness of a practice that really shouldn’t have a place in the 21st century.

A report why Symantec is world most trusted CA

SSL Protocol makes online transaction secure from potential threats, providing a better and secure environment to company servers and its clients. Still due to lack of awareness SMBs, turns into victim of cyber fraud that resulting in loss of whole business. Therefore, it is wise to think about your business security first rather than its profit. In this article, we would like to show the adoption and market share of different SSL CAs (Certificate authorities) on the base of report made by W3Tech. This report is based on some technical methodologies that are shown below.

  • The report investigated technology of website if found on any pages rather individual web pages.
  • It includes top 10 million website (out of which counted top 1 million before June 2013) using “Alexa ranking” counting 3 months average rankings.
  • It has considered sub domains as a part of website.
  • It has not included redirected domains.

Beside the given chart, many authorities claimed less than 0.1% of market share like

Deutsche Telekom Microsec CNNIC CertSIGN
QuoVadis Hongkong Post Japanese GPKI TWCA
Logius ACCV Izenpe Disig
NetLock A-Trust Certigna Japan Certification Services
Keynectis Buypass Chunghwa Telecom TDC
Camerfirma Sertifitseerimiskeskus IdenTrust ComSign
Türktrust WISeKey E-Tugra E-Guven

SSL CAs with Market Share: The below image shows four categories including self-signed certificate users, none, unrecognized authority and different CAs with absolute usage (%) and market share.

How to read the chart: If we see in given chart, we will find 58.1% of organizations are not applying SSL certificates from any certificate authority that is good news for hackers and opens the door for future threats and vulnerabilities.

If we look from the point of view of market share it shows Symantec stands alone with 40.2% and it is being used by 12% of all the websites globally.

Detailed Study of top four CAs: Here, the detailed study is given of top four certificate authorities with usage percentage and market share percentage.

Symantec Group: Symantec is a giant enterprise focuses on online security complying with industry security standards. Below diagram shows sub categories of Symantec group with its absolute usage. GeoTrust is used by 68.6% of all websites who make use of Symantec Group.

There are famous sites who are clients of Symantec Group like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, Taobao, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, Lovetime, Lalima, etc.

Comodo CA: Comodo authority is a well-known certificate authority and claims second position in usage with 27.9% market share. The absolute usage percentage of Comodo stands at 8.3% of all websites.

There are sites like,,,,,,,,, use Comodo Certificate authority’s SSL certificate.

Go Daddy CA: Being on third position Go Daddy has achieved 13.5% market share with 4.0% absolute usage of all websites. Below diagram shows sub categories of Go Daddy group with its absolute usage. Go Daddy is used by 92.5% of all websites who make use of Go Daddy.

Famous sites like,,,,,,,,, have chosen Go Daddy CA.

GlobalSign CA: GlobalSign is a fourth number certificate authority that has 9.3% market share and carries 2.8% absolute usage of all websites globally. The sites that has opted GlobalSign certificate are,,,,,,,,,

Historical usage chart (since August 2012) of different certificate authorities for websites:

Below table shows the percentage of usage of different certificate authorities that shows number of websites in Aug 2012 who had not chosen SSL certificate for their website and left vulnerable towards hackers. On other side, you can see almost 10% organizations are still using self-signed certificate that is also invites danger to website. Online shoppers generally avoid self-signed certificate as the owner himself signs it, and has no third party authentication.

Recommendation: From the above report we can understand that rising of security demand is seeing everywhere still there are almost 58% enterprises are left vulnerable without proper online security and 10% enterprises are still using self-signed certificate therefore it is necessary to point out the advantage of third party SSL certificate that is in the interest of every online enterprise.

Advantages of Third party SSL Certificate:

  • Online shoppers keep faith in trusted third party SSL certificate so enterprise will have more profit when users prefer their website equipped with third party SSL security.
  • It comes with robust encryption (256-bit) and root certificate (2048-bit) that protects online information in a secure manner.
  • Phishing, man in middle attack can be mitigated with third party SSL certificate.
  • With robust encryption, user information is kept secretly so attackers cannot interpret it.
  • Even PCI (payment card industry) allows only SSL equipped website as it carries secured confidential data over the server.
  • Third party SSL involves organization validation that creates online credibility of business in front of visitors.
  • Third party CA does all the formalities in getting SSL through internet hence; in initial validation stage there is no requirement of paper work.

Russell Crowe As Cinderella?

Who would have thought that Russell Crowe would have made a good Cinderalla? In the movie Cinderella Man he portrays Jim Braddock, the boxer who rose out of the ashes of poverty to become a champion, surviving the Great Depression in the 1920s. An amazing story of one family’s struggles that moved me to tears and helped me to better understand some of our own struggles. Read my personal review here.

Sunshine and Oars at Henley Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta

This summer in England has been one of the best for years (seven actually) providing perfect weather for the many sporting and social events that grace English shores.

One of my favourites is Henley Royal Regatta, which is the premier river rowing regatta in the world today, attracting crews from across the globe. I have no direct rowing experience, but have been to the regatta on a number of occasions and loved every minute of it.

This year I was in Henley on Thames for the last two days of practice and enjoyed walking along the riverbank with camera in hand, while the crews were working hard. If I could turn back the clock, rowing is the one sport I would like to try, I admire the fitness and dedication required to row at the highest level, and as mentioned earlier it’s a great social sport.

Did you know that the first Oxford v Cambridge university boat race took place at Henley? It was after its success and that of other boating events the Regatta was born in 1863. In those days rowing was for the upper classes and strictly male participants only. Who would have guessed a local river event would become an international success and rowing a sport for everyone.

If you ever get the chance, I urge you to visit Henley Regatta. It takes place the first week in July every year, and never disappoints.