Sunshine and Oars at Henley Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta

This summer in England has been one of the best for years (seven actually) providing perfect weather for the many sporting and social events that grace English shores.

One of my favourites is Henley Royal Regatta, which is the premier river rowing regatta in the world today, attracting crews from across the globe. I have no direct rowing experience, but have been to the regatta on a number of occasions and loved every minute of it.

This year I was in Henley on Thames for the last two days of practice and enjoyed walking along the riverbank with camera in hand, while the crews were working hard. If I could turn back the clock, rowing is the one sport I would like to try, I admire the fitness and dedication required to row at the highest level, and as mentioned earlier it’s a great social sport.

Did you know that the first Oxford v Cambridge university boat race took place at Henley? It was after its success and that of other boating events the Regatta was born in 1863. In those days rowing was for the upper classes and strictly male participants only. Who would have guessed a local river event would become an international success and rowing a sport for everyone.

If you ever get the chance, I urge you to visit Henley Regatta. It takes place the first week in July every year, and never disappoints.

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