Symantec SSL Certificate Increased Cryptography up to 10K Times Stronger

Symantec Corporation- an online security leader has enhanced powerful cryptography assumed 10000 times stronger than current RSA cryptography. A novel revolutionary technology for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate called ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) and DCA (Digital signature Algorithm) are an advance level SSL cryptography. Bob Hoblit, senior director of product management in Symantec’s website security solutions division said that 256-ECC encryption is equal to the security provided by 3072-bit RSA certificate.

It is either small online store or large organization the customer data is important for any ecommerce, banking, or any online business. With this enhanced cryptography, SSL certificate would protect online information with much better strength.


Symantec said in its report with the update in large length cryptography (from RSA1024-bit to 2048-bit) announced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). we are concentrating on powerful encryption method which can secure online database effectively.

Elliptic curve cryptography

According to Symantec, the performance and the response time that ECC cryptography carries is one of the best of all other encryption methods. If we talk of RSA certificate it can handle 450 requests per second and takes 150 milliseconds and on the contrary ECC just needs 75 milliseconds, which show that ECC cryptography is much better in response time when it experiences for servers to desktop.

The main question here is about browser compatibility. Every browser (Internet explorer, Mozilla, or chrome) has to implement a code for the “root” info for ECC cryptography in their browsers. Google’ software engineer Adam Langley has also showed support for ECC cryptography and said that the browser will support ECC cryptography on all the operating systems.

For web servers like Apache, citrix, Akamai technology, HID, AT&T have started working in this direction and want to support this new ECC cryptography. Symantec is looking ahead to implement ECC in the cloud computing and mobile devices.

In such case if the ECC fails to work then customers will operate SSL certificate with dual technologies like RSA and ECC that will be available for some time. If the ECC certificate applied on a Web server realizes that the incoming Web browser does not maintain ECC, it will automatically select RSA-based SSL to accommodate the Web visitor, says Bob Hoblit.

ECC provides greater measurability cover the demands of online communication from beginning to end billions of linked endpoints, enabling businesses to make greater profits in online sharing, cloud services data and e-commerce enterprises world. For end users, an enhanced computationally performance and better use of communications to progress efficiency more money-making experience.

About Symantec

Symantec is an American risk management and security depth corporation. Symantec was established in 1982, home office at Mountain View, California. The organization has developed to happen one of the world’s leading security software businesses with added than 18,500 professionals in added than 50 nations. We hold security, data storage and system administration solutions to help our clients. From buyers and little enterprises to the better international businesses, we protect and handle their information-driven planet.

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