Driving Force Pro Racing Wheel

Logitech company designed quite a big amount of great driving wheels and one of them is driving force pro. The wheel that was made especially for Gran Turismo game is very decent. It comes with 900 degrees of motion – that’s 2,5 turns lock-to-lock, shift buttons mounted on the wheel, a sequential shift lever and is available for playing on almost every platform.

As previously said the driving force pro was created for Grand Turismo 4 and conversely. Launch day and date was originally intended on the same time as the game, but unfortunately Gran Turismo 4 wasn’t been released on time so Logitech finally decided to just go ahead and release the wheel to market. The wheel was back in its first days adjusted for PlayStation 2, but as it has USB connection you can hook it up to a PC or any other console that you want to play and enjoy racing on. Allthough, it goes greatly together with previously mentioned game, it can be used for products such as F1 Game 2012, F1 2013 Game and others as well.

Force feedback is pretty good as it gives to the driver a real feel experience, but to be honest its not as good as for the example force feedback of the G27 racing wheel which was also made by Logitech. That is resonable if we compare the price of those two wheels, driving force is of course much cheaper. Biggest advantages of this peace of the technology are amount of buttons that driver can use and of course already mentioned 900 degree motion.

People always like to compare things and if we compare this wheel to a let’s say momo racing wheel, which is in many circumstances similar to this one, we can still spot some major differences. First thing that comes to our mind is of course difference between sterring degrees that these two wheels can produce. Two and a half turns in comparison to a less than one is a very big plus in favor to a the wheel that is the main theme of this article. That comes handy especially in games or series where we race with a cars, but for example in any formula series that is almost irrelevant as formula vehicle doesn’t need that much of a steering degree angle. That is probably the main reason that driving force pro is more expensive than momo, but not for much.

Both of these two wheels lacks the third pedal to your disposal so you can’t use a clutch with your foot, because I presume you have both two pedals reserved for acceleration and braking. Pedals are also made by the same material which is plastic. Driving force pro wheel has rubberized grip which provides you a very tight grip on the wheel and if your hands are not to sweaty that’s very positive thing. People who enjoy playing car games and don’t want to spend a lot of money for a driving wheel for car games 1000, will be very happy with driving force pro.

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