RFactor The Best PC Racing Simulation Game

First part of rfactor series was released in November 2005 and it is still known as one of the best pc racing simulations out there. The game is perfect for more experienced, simulation drivers and racing enthusiasts. Both will find plenty to enjoy.

My pc racing experience:

I remember me playing racing games on a pc and other consoles when I was just a small kid. Almost a decade and a half has passed since my first racing experience on a computer. The game that I mostly played in that time was of course the most known driving game called need for speed. We all know how much is this game series still very popular and decent. I started to race online about seven years ago and since 2007 I’m competing in different racing leagues. For two years now I’m a proud member of league called Slo Racing racing which is actually the best Slovenian racing league. I tried numerous racing games and all kinds of different rfactor mods, but mostly I still like the speed of Formula 1. Nowadays my biggest ”weapon” is momo racing wheel, but in the near future I am planning to change it with something like g27 pc racing wheel.

Positive experiences with the game:

– It allows you to add different rfactor mods that you want to drive into the game. From open wheelers such as Formula 1, Grand Prix 2 Series, indycar all the way to touring and stock racing cars such as DTM, V8 Supercars and so on.

– Game can be modified from ordinary people with sparks of knowledge, so it is improving all the time and it is up to you to decade which update will you use and which one not. The official site of the game is rfactorcentral.com

– Physics of the game is just outstanding. There is so much different possibilities for modders to think about, so it is not surprising that every mod is differently drivable.

– When we talk about the setup of the car there is talk about knowledge. If you want to drive fast, you have to know a thing or two about cars and racing so that you are able to set your car to its highest performance. I like the fact that in rfactor you have to know a lot of things to properly setup the car. For the example: If you drive an open wheeler mod than the most important thing about setup is wing. But that is just the most basic thing about it, you still have to know how to properly setup differential of the car, camber, toe in, ride height and so on.

– Every mod is able to have its own sound and shape of the car, but if you are not pleased with sound of the mod you can still replace it with the sound from other mod, of course if you know a trick or two.

– Multiplayer is organized and you can easily join on other servers to play the game online with friends.

– Out there you can find a lot of racing leagues and join into them if you want a serious online pc racing against other people.

Negative experiences with the game:

– It is reasonable that the game doesn’t have quality graphics in comparison to nowadays games as it is seven years old. Its successor will be in that category much better, but the full game was not released yet.

– The most disappointing thing with a game is lack of rain. Actually there is no rain at all as the game makers didn’t included it into a release. For now you can use different updates that uses just rain spray, but soon there will be released weather plugin which will change weather.

– I also miss the effects visible on damaged car, there is just not any of them at all, despite fall of tires, wings or fire of engine explosion.

As I mentioned before, the game is especially great for hardcore racing simulation gamers who seek a real challenge in driving. It is definitely on my top 10 racing games list, what about yours?

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