Steve Has Been At It Again On The New Squidoo Forum

Squidoo’s resident artist Tagsforkids, the creator of Squidville (and our site banners) has been at it again on the new Squidoo forum, and this time he has created some fantastic banners to help promote the new unofficial Squidoo forums Squid∩.

Squid∩ Community - the Squidoo forum rises like a Phoenix from the ashes

If you have been a member of Squidoo for some time (like 3 years of more) you might remember how friendly and welcoming the original SquidU forums were.  That is before they became overrun with squabbling, arguments and spam, which was dealt with when the volunteer moderators were brought in.

Well the new Squid∩ forum is just like that, the warm fuzzy feeling is back, and if you take a look you just might find that a lot of your lensmaster friends are already there.

You are invited to come and join us there, to introduce yourself, have a good chat, get updates on Squidoo (also Wizzley, Zujava, Zazzle etc), how to promote your lenses, and to share in new places to write and to earn money online.

Thanks to Tagsforkids for the fantastic artwork.

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