Amazon Module’s vs Amazon Spotlight Module’s On Squidoo

I recently spent some time going through my squidoo lenses and writing down every little bit that did not look, read, feel, or taste right. Well maybe not the last, but regardless, the list wound up being quite a long one! And an area of concern that popped up on many of my lenses was the crowding of amazon sales modules.

I don’t know why, but the amazon sales module screams “salesman!” when I try to use it on my lenses and I was close to giving up hope… before reading up on how to create pages to target one item at a time. I gave this targeting of amazon onto one item at a time with a video game review lens, Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time, and found that it not only got rid of that over-salesmanship-feeling I had, but blended the text and item picture together quite well.

I suppose it can’t replace it entirely, or at least I keep telling myself that. There are places where one would need to list out a few products in a row, perhaps different variations of the same ipod, or accessories. I wonder if others have had any similar experiences, or if this is just common knowledge that took a little longer to get through to me 😉

PS – I know how to scrawl writings in photoshop! INTERNET FEAR ME!

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