Kinect Games Make a Fun Gift for the Whole Family

The Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 isn’t your standard, handheld gadget; it’s a whole new type of device that uses video and infrared sensors to track your body’s movements, making gaming 100% hands free.

Since it’s been out for a while now, there’s been plenty of time for it to prove its worth, and the results are hugely positive. From my own experience, I know that this is an awesome device, and well worth the cost (which is in the $140 to $150 range at the moment).

Let’s assume that you or your gift recipient already has a Kinect, or that you’re planning on buying one. Which games should you get to maximize your Kinect experience?

Lucky for you, I’ve done a lot of work investigating the various genres, and I’ve got great suggestions from each:

Are you looking for a Kinect fighting game? According to my survey, Fighters Uncaged is the clear winner. However, PowerUP Heroes is a personal favorite of mine in that category.

Prefer a Kinect dance game? Dance Central (and the newest version in the franchise, Dance Central 2) is by far the most popular title. Which is not surprising – I loved this game so much, I played until I was sore!

If you have young kids, Kinectimals and Carnival Games are both fan favorites. You can see more choices here: Kinect Kid Games.

The #1 choice of Kinect games to get (as voted on by visitors to my best Kinect games site) is Kinect Sports.

Hope you found this list helpful! If you’re looking for more great games, click on the sites above to see what other gamers think about the available titles.

Want to play Kinect, but don’t even have an Xbox yet? You might want to consider an Xbox Kinect bundle, available on sites such as Amazon.

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