Why You Should Get Your Kids Playing Golf

Get your kids playing golf for a lifetime of fun and sporting activity out in the fresh air.

You’ll love it…

Why you should get your kids playing golf

You’ll love it because playing golf is a great family sport.

You’ll love it because it keeps your children fit and healthy.

And even if you don’t play golf personally, you’ll love it because you get to spend lots of time together.

You can take them for lessons, walk round the golf course while they play, go to the local driving range with them, volunteer for junior golf committees, and if selected for their junior team attend their matches.

If you all play, family vacations are never a problem, just pack up your golf clubs and go, everyone will be happy.  Moreover, playing sport together is a great way to cement family relationships and to create a special bond with your offspring.

You’ll agree, I’m sure, that golf is great exercise, and as they get older they’ll want to play as often as they can.  You’ll find that school vacations become a breeze, as you can happily drop them off at the golf course or range for the day.  I can think of far worst things they could be doing.

You’ll know they have the golfing bug when they practice swinging golf clubs in the home, practice with an imaginary club in front of a mirror and practice putting on the carpet.

How else do kids playing golf benefit?

They’ll also learn qualities that will last a lifetime:

  • sportsmanship
  • integrity
  • consideration for others and
  • how to win and lose graciously

Honesty is integral to golf.  The rules of golf and course etiquette (respect for playing partners) are adhered to even at junior level.

You’ll also find personal pleasure in watching them progress each time they swing a golf club.  And if you’re very lucky, you may find that you have the next Rory McIlroy or Paula Creamer at home. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Most important of all, golf is great fun. It’s a marvellous sport of physical and mental accomplishment for kids and adults alike.  Get your kids playing golf and help them to enjoy a wonderful lifelong sport.

No matter how good they become or how many years they play, it’s a constant challenge and a sport they can never master, which is the attraction and sometimes the frustration of golf.

For more information about why your kids should play golf and how to get started, visit www.squidoo.com/why-play-golf-and-how-to-start.





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