Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3

Play One of the Best Video Games of All Time: Super Mario 3!

Nintendo really created a masterpiece when they released Super Mario Bros 3 to the American public in 1990. With 8 new worlds to explore, Mario wasn’t just going from world to similar world as in the first game. It was back to basics after Super Mario Bros 2, with just two playable characters, and the return of evil King Bowser.

This game sold more units than any other NES game, besides the original SMB which was bundled with Nintendo NES consoles. While the first game made the system famous, the third game made the game series fun and addictive. There were new hidden elements to find. You had more control over where Mario went. And, there were new unique enemies and bosses, instead of facing the same exact boss over and over in each world.

Super Mario 3

The Five Things I Liked Best About Super Mario Bros 3:

  1. It wasn’t loaded with similar enemies, over and over. They really changed up the enemies in this game, making it a lot more fun and unpredictable. By the eighth world of Super Mario Bros, you can begin to become tired of the gameplay and stomping on Koopa after Koopa. Not so with this sequel. The bosses and enemies are entirely different and varied.
  2. The game isn’t as dark in color, and the graphics are slightly improved. I know it still looks 8 bit, but the step up in quality and detail was very noticable to fans.
  3. New power-ups. The star, mushroom and flower still appear in this game, but there are new cooler power-ups that really make this game cool. The Hammer Bros. suit is probably the coolest and rarest.
  4. Different paths on the world maps allowed you to skip levels, take alternate routes, or just be in control Mario, instead of him automatically advancing to the next world without your control.
  5. The raccoon suit. It’s just too damn fun to fly. This power up alone will get you sucked into this game for hours.

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