Make Your Own Luggage Tags

Make Your Own Luggage Tags

Make your own unique luggage tags
Make your own luggage tags

If you make your own luggage tags, you can dress your bags to match your personality.  Not only that, but on those crowded airport luggage carousels or cruise terminal luggage retrieval areas, you’ll have a neat way to quickly identify your bags. 

Let’s fact it – the ‘trick’ of tying a pice of red yarn or an orange pom-pom arond the handle is a pretty tired idea.  Everyone does it.  Yep, there very well could be another black bag with a piece of red yarn tied on it.  The chances of that happening are pretty good. So, why not make your own luggage tags?

Set yours apart in a way that is more distinctiely YOU –   Make your own luggage tags!

There are quite a few ways to do this.  One involves sewing, and there’s a nifty how-to video with easy to follow instructions to make your own luggage tags on my Luggage Tags by You lens. 

But, if you would rather find a simpler way, on this lens, I show you two other easy methods that don’t involve any sewing at all!  And then, you could always buy a ready made that suits your own special style or interests.  It’s up to you.


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