Clean Easier with the Swiffer Duster

Clean Easier with the Swiffer Duster

Easy Clean with Swiffer Duster
Easily dust hard to reach places with the Swiffer Duster


Housecleaning is NOT my favorite activity, so, naturally, I am a fan of anything that will make cleaning quicker or easier.  Enter the Swiffer Duster.  I am happy to report that you can, indeed,  clean easier with the Swiffer Duster.

 Better yet, it’s not an expensive item.  Or a complilcated one.  Nope.  The Swiffer Duster is a simple and affordable little item that makes it easy to remove that pesky dust from hard to reach places.

Think about how much dust collects on the tops of ceiling fan blades, door and window frames, and the top of tall cabinets.  What a pain it is to climb on a step stool with a dust rag or sponge!  And, the older I get, the less climbing I want to do, that’s for sure.  This is not just a custer, but an extension duster with a handle that extends three feet.  So I do a lot less climbing than I used to.  And it really does grab dust.

See my Swiffer Duster Product Review  for more details.

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 Just a quick note:    I only write product reviews for things I own or have actually used!



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