Before heading to the golf course for the first time

Golf Grip

When starting out playing golf it is essential that you learn the basics of the golf swing before heading to the golf course for the first time.

This you can do at your local golf range and at home, where you can practice as long as you like without the pressures of being out on the course.

As a minimum, you should be able to:

  • grip the club correctly
  • take the proper stance
  • put into practice basic swing techniques

You should also:

  • understand golf course etiquette
  • have the right golf equipment for you

These essential requirements for playing golf are not difficult to learn or achieve, but will help you to enjoy the game far more when you do take those first steps on to the golf course for the first time.


The golf swing can only be learnt by practice.  At the early stage of your golfing career, this involves lots of repetition to develop the necessary skills and techniques.

There is no better place to practice than your local driving range.  There you can build your confidence and control of the golf club.  Then you will be properly prepared and ready to go out and play.

Remember, that in the same way it requires practice to build a reliable golf swing to begin with, it also needs additional practice to maintain it.

Consider golf lessons to make sure you are practicing the right things and in the right order.  Your local golf pro will give you drills to practice and speed up your progress.

Golf course etiquette

In brief, golf course etiquette is all about the unwritten rules of golf – how to act and behave on the golf course.  This is not anything to worry about, but something you should be aware of when playing on the golf course for the first time.

Perhaps the easiest way to learn this aspect of the game is to play a few rounds of golf with someone who has played before.

Golf equipment for beginners

Always seek advice when buying golf equipment for the first time.  Why Play Golf and How to Get Started provides tips for selecting golf equipment and discusses how to get into golf.




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