Sony Cybershot Battery Charger Product Review

 Battery Charger Product Review for My Digital Camera

I have written a battery charger product review.  Here’s why.
Once upon a time, I left the battery charger for my Sony Cybershot digital camera on a cruise ship.  This should not surprise those who know me!  So, I was faced with the task of finding a replacement battery charger.  This turned out to be fairly easy.  I just popped in to a local electronics store, and bought a generic charger.  
But, it turned out that this was NOT a great purchase. First of all, it was fairly expensive.  Secondly, it turned out to be a real pain in the neck to use.  So it was that I wanted to find a replacement for the replacement. 
This next one was just perfect, and I am happy as can be with it.  And that’s why I have now written a  Sony Cybershot Battery Charger Product Review.  You  can find my battery charger product review here.
Sony Cybershot Battery Charger
Now, this charger will actually fit a variety of digital camera batteries. So, if you have lost the charger for your digital camera,  this is good news for you.  The charger that I found works with a number of different lithium batteries.  So, chances are, that if your camera uses one of those little square batteries, it will work with yours, too. 
Here’s some more good news.  This charger also came with extra batteries AND a car charger.  AND it cost less than the one I bought locally, which didn’t have any extras.
So, that’s the story of why I decided to write a Sony Cybershot Battery Charger product review.    I have to have a good reason to write a review.  And I only write them for products I actually own or have used.  The product has to have made enough of an impression on me that I really  have something to say about it.  And this battery charger fits the bill.
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