Cruise Ship Swimming Pools

Cruise Ship Swimming Pools

Did you ever wonder about what it would be like to go swimming in a pool on a cruise ship while the ship is sailing the wide blue ocean?  Do you know that the pools on cruise ships are routinely emptied and refilled while the ship is at sea or in port?

Cruise ship swimming pools and the lido decks they are found on are fine places to pass some time while your ship sails from one port to another.  But, what if the seas should become rough? 

Find out about all of these things at my lens about the different kinds of pools and other types of water related ways to entertain yourself aboard today’s mega ships.

BONUS – a fascinating video showing water in the pool going crazy when it is tossed about as the ship sails through some high seas.  You must see this video, featuring actual breaking waves in a normally placid pool! 





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