SEO Is Good But Search Popularity Is Everything

Several months ago for no apparent reason, one of my most successful lenses My Pet Peeves started to get a lot more traffic from Google.

This was great for a month, with between 200-300 guaranteed visits a day, and my lens ranking in the top 2 on the first page of Google when searching for “My Pet Peeves”.

My Squidoo stats showed that about 90% of my visitors were coming from Google, which was wonderful, but in the last couple of weeks, that traffic has died off, and it’s now only 50-100 a day.  In fact no day in the past week has seen even 100 visits to My Pet Peeves.

Checking on Google for “My Pet Peeves” I still see it ranked at #2 on the first page of Google, so I assume that the popularity of this as a search has decreased.

It just goes to show that even having done your job on Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research, you are still at the mercy of the public, who may or may not search on something that causes your lens to popup for them to click on.

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