Moshi Monsters Gets Kids Involved in Squidoo

Are you a Moshi Monsters fan?  My girls are fans.  Moshi Monsters is an on-line game with an educational bend to it.  Like so many of the games today it is free, with a membership option.  Members have more activities and options available to them.  We have always been free members and the girls have never (well almost never) complained.

My girls decided they wanted to write a Squidoo lens, like me – Pukeko, their mom. Our first step was to get permission. I enquired about kids on Squidoo and was told that they can’t have their own account, but the can write on mine as long as I supervise. That was easy, we just incorporated it into our homeschooling.

So following the excellent advice I was given – write what you know, the girls went to work last year on their pages. First Melissa wrote a page on How To Play Moshi Monsters. She describes the process for beginners and for intermediates. I was really impressed, and then according to her, I went ahead a wrecked it by adding a bit of SEO and minimization. I call it “under my supervision.”

At the same time Sarah decided to write a Moshi Monsters quiz. Actually, it was not just one, Sarah actually wrote two short quizzes – one for kids like her who play the game. And the other for over protective parents like me who have to check out all of the safety aspects of any on-line activity before I allow my children to use them. So quiz number two addresses all of my concerns (which I am happy to report, Moshi Monsters passed my scrutiny.)

To tie in with their lens I made a Calling All Monster and Moshi Monster Moshling Fans! page.

If you check out either of their pages, be sure to leave the girls a comment.


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