Aurora AS810SD Shredder Product Review

Aurora AS810SD shredder

Product Review – Aurora  Shredder

Notice that I have not referred to this device as a paper shredder.  That applied to my old shredder.  It shredded paper, and paper only.  This new one that I recently purchased also shreds credit cards and CD’s, so I must properly refer to it as a “shredder,” rather than a “paper shredder.”

TODAY,  I am thrilled with it.  But, the day it arrived,  not so much.

Why is that?  See my Product Review of the Aurora AS810SD Shredder to find out.  So far, I’ve only done a tiny handful of product reviews on Squidoo, but I do think that, with this one I’m getting better at it.  (At least I hope so)

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