Squidblogs was originally created as a site where members of the now defunct Squidoo site could write articles that were related to their content on Squidoo.

Now that Squidoo is no more, this site is open for it’s members to continue writing quality content and we are in the process of removing content that is no longer relevant or which points to sites that no longer exist.

While massive content sites like Squidoo, Associated Content, Yahoo Contributor Network, Zujava and others may be no more, the people that used to write quality articles on those sites are still alive and looking for places where they can feature their content.

Squidblogs is pleased to accept both new and old articles from these sites and more, provided the original articles are no longer active on other sites (Google penalizes for duplicated content) and provided the articles meet our standards for high quality content.

Squidblogs has zero tolerance for spam, adult content/images, or illegal activities. Anything that does not meet our standards will be removed.