Zazzle Affiliate Links Generator Updated

I updated the Free Zazzle Affiliate Links Generator for use with Squidoo, so if you are looking to create your own Zazzle links, feel free to give this a try.

I created this late in 2011, but then my web sites got hacked, the script got corrupted, and also Zazzle meantime made some changes to their page layouts, the combination of which caused this to stop working.

The Squidoo Zazzle Module works ok, however if you are a Zazzle member, the links do not have your affiliate id, and do not always open in a new tab/window.

This code generator generates Zazzle links that look virtually identical to those in the Squidoo Zazzle Module, but they are optimized, and should help to earn you more as a result.

To use the Zazzle Code Generator:

  • Log into Zazzle
  • Open the page for the product that you want to link
  • Click where it says Link
    Zazzle Link
  • Copy the link from the popup window
    Zazzle Link
  • Paste into the Zazzle Link Generator

It’s as easy as that.  Paste 3 products one after the other for a full row that looks just like the Squidoo Zazzle Module, but with better linking.

I hope you find this useful.  If you have any problems, please let me know.

I still have to perfect the page layout, and I am also working on a Help/Tutorial page as well.

Nautical Tote Bags, Custom Cruise Bags, and Other Travel Bags

Nautical Tote Bags, and Custom Cruise Bags

Nautical Tote Bag
Anchors Aweigh Personalized Tote Bag

 The Nautical Tote Bags and custom cruise bags shown on this new lens – Nautical Tote Bags and Cruise Travel Bags  –   provide you with great gift-giving options for your sea-loving friemds and family members for birthdays, holidays and other occasions.   Many people love nautical themes, and there’s surely someone like that in your close circle.  A nautical tote bag in a size and style suitable for their favorite activity is sure to be a hit.

Canvas totes are among the most versatile of bags, and they come in a near unlimited array of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.  smaller ones can be used as handbags, will larger ones make perfect beach bags.  I like to tuck an extra canvas tote into my luggage when I cruise to use as a shopper for port days, or to carry my beach and snorkel supplies when I am ready to plunge into the beautiful Caribbean water. Larger nautical tote bags are just perfect for both!


If you’re planning yuor first cruise, I also have several  simple cruise packing tips for you that will help you out most especially on the first day when you board your ship, and on the last full day when you attack the sad task of packing to leave the ship.

And, don’t forget that, if you’re cruising, WalMart is NOT just around the corner when you are at sea, so be sure to check out the expandable luggage and  handy travel accessories Ive included, too.


This is the fourth in a series of lenses showcasing various items with nautical themes.  All of these items are perfect for your next cruise, but also make great gifts for anyone who loves cruising, beachcombing, the sea, boating, or anything nautical.  The other three lenses in this series (so far) are:

Nautical Ties and Mens Cruise Wear Accessories

Nautical Jewelry and Sea Life Jewelry

Nautical Cruise Wear for Kids



Jamaican Independence Day

Jamaican Independence Day – August 4

Have you ever been in another country during one of their national holidays?  I love seeing first hand how others celebrate important days. 

Day after tomorrow is August 4 – Jamaican Independence Day.  Jamaica, has been a fully independent nation since 1962.  Happy Birthday, Jamaica!  Some day, I thik it would be fun to take a cruise that calls at Jamaica on the 4th of August, and see for myself  how Jamaicans celebrate their country’s birthday. 

But, for now, I’ve collected quite a few Pictures of Jamaica so that I can recall the beauty I saw there, and so those who haven’t had the pleasure can enjoy something of the flavor of this Caribbean nation. These next few days would be a good time for you to enjoy them!  The pictures showcase the wok of selected  Zazzle artists and photographers.  This article is one in a series of photos from various cruise destinations.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / CC

Gifts for Water Lovers from H2OWater Gallery on Zazzle

Gifts for Water Lovers from H2OWater

It’s all about the water…  all kinds of water . . . ocean waves at sea and washing up on beaches, ship’s wakes, river scenes, standing water, reflecting water, even creatures and scenes unde the water.  In short, gifts for water lovers!

Wading Gulls Friendship Poster from H2OWater
Wading Gulls Friendship Poster from H2OWater

Do you just love the water?  I do!  I love being near the water, in the water, on the water, and underwater.  That’s what prompted me to create  a new zazzle gallery filled with gifts for water lovers.  So, I created H2OWater Gallery and now, I’ve written a lens about it:  H2Owater Gallery – gifts for Water Lovers

All but one of the photos on the products in this Zazzle gallery are from my own cameras – either my digital camera, or disposables.  I am still using disposables for underwater shots, as I don’t yet have an underwater digital camera.  But that’s certainlyon my ‘wish list.’

I’ve been showcasing some of the designs from my H2OWater gallery on the lens.   I just love sharing these watery pictures and designs.  I’m such a big water lover, and I know there are others like me out there.  So, I think that once people stumble on this page, they’ll be pleased with the gifts for water lovers from H2Owater that they will find there.

I’ll continue showcasing newly designed gifts for water lovers on my lens from time to time, and I hope that others will love all the watery things they find there… water in the sea, on the beach, river scenes, ponds, and just plain water! 


Related Lenses – See examples of designs from my other Zazzle galleries at:  Masterpiece Magnets, Stateroom Door Markers, Flair for Cruisers, and Hot Folks Cards and Gifts.



Pictures of Cruise Destinations

Sailing from Port Canaveral print    A while back, I published a lens called Pictures of Cruise Ships, which showcases pictures of modern cruise ships, vintage cruise line posters, and old ocean liners.  The ‘pictures’ on the lens are all the work of Zazzle artists, beginning with wall art – posters and prints on canvas, and moving on to iPad and iPhone cases. That was a vey enjoyable lens to make, so I decided to move ahead with a series.

This new series, Pictures of Cruise Destinations, ties in nicely with my cruising niche.  Like Pictures of St. Thomas, each one focuses on a specific cruise destination, with pictures from Zazzle, like the wonderful St. Thomas Sunset poster shown here. Other lenses in the serise (so far) include  Pictures of Jamaica ,  Pictures of The Bahamas, and one of my favorites,  Pictures of St. Lucia.  Most recently, I published Pictures of Sint Maarten.  I’m not done yet, but it’s a start!