Hurricane Irene is Bad News for The Bahamas

Hurricane Irene is Bad News for The Bahamas

Hurricane Irene on Aug 24
Hurricane Irene Poised to Rake through The Bahamas


This morning, Hurricane became a Major Category Three Hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph.  An very large system, with hurricane force winds extending out 40 miles from the center, and tropical storm strength winds going out up to 205 miles from the center, she is forecast to strengthen even more.  (You can follow daily tropical updates on my  2011 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Journal lens.)  Yes, it’s true that Hurricane Irene is bad news for The Bahamas – real bad news!

That means Hurricane Irene is bad news for the Bahamas, since the forecast track takes her lengthwise through the entire island group from southeast to northwest, hitting virtually every one of the nations 3,077 islands, islets, and cays in the proces.  For low-lying islands, it certainly doesn’t take a direct hit by the eyewall to cause a lot of damage, but that’s exactly what will happen with some of the beautiful islands of The Bahamas today and tomorrow. 

While limited evacuations have already been ordered in the United States, there are no evacuation options in The Bahamas.  All those folks can do is board up, hunker down, and / or head for a shelter.  Living in paradise does have its price, I guess. 

And yes, it is a little bit like paradise in the island nation off the coast of Florida.  You can check it out here on Pictures of The Bahamas.  Let’s hope it’s still that way after Irene is done there.

Unlike the rest of the islands, one small cay is being evacuated.  CocoCay, in the Berry Islands of The Bahamas, is a private island belonging to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.   There isn’t much there…  no paved roads, no stop lights, no large sturdy public buildings.  Just some housing for the staff that maintains the island and the equipment that is there for the enjoyment of the cruise passengers who visit.  The cruise line is securing the cay, and evacuating their personel who normally live there.  Those of us who have visited this little slice of paradise hope it doesn’t suffer too badly from Irene’s visit. 

But, more importantly, our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and neighbors in The Bahamas today, as they deal this very negative aspect of tropical weather.

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A NOAA Weather Alert Radio Can Be A Life Saver

A NOAA Weather Alert Radio can be a life saver.

Do you have a NOAA All Hazards Alert Radio, otherwise known as a weatherband radio or simply  a NOAA weather alert radio?

weather band radio
NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Well, you should!  That is, if you live in the United States, in a coastal area, or an area that gets tornadoes, or where you are subject to blizzards or wildfires, or flooding, or other weather emergencies.  That’s practically the whole country, isn’t it?

These radios are not for listening to tunes played by your favorite DJ, or to the Saturday night game.  

A NOAA Weather Alert Radio is for alerting you to emergencies.  Normally, they sit quietly, appearing to do little more than display the time and date.  Until something happens that you should know about.  Then, they activate and alert you to the hazard that has presented itself in your specific area.  Their settings can be customized so that you ONLY get those warnings that are pertinent to your own county, or you can set them for a wider area.  This ability is called S.A.M.E, and is true of most models, even the lower cost ones. 

No home should be without one.  While you CAN pay over a hunderd dollars for one,  you can get a good, reliable one for $30 or less.  Find out more about NOAA Alert Radios, and where you can get them on my Lens, Weather Alert Radio.   I’ll tell you  which brand we have and recomment to our friends and family members. 

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Hurricane Hunters – Real Heroes

Hurricane Hunters are Real Heroes

Ask a young kid about their heroes these days, and with the exception of a few who will name their parents, most will name some singer, actor, or sports figure.

Those people are NOT heroes.  Fame and heroism are NOT synonymous.  

REAL HEROES rush into buring buildings to save lives, they fling themselves upon grenades to save their fellows, they swim through icy waters to rescue souls in peril, they persue dangerous criminals to prevent them from harming others.  THOSE, and others like them are heroes. 

Hurricane Hunters are heroes, too, in my book.  When others are fleeing the wrath of mother nature, they board airplanes equipped with meteorological instruments, and fly headlong into hurricanes – some of the world’s most dangerous and violent storms –  and they do it in the name of public safety.  Can you imagine what that ride must be like?  And it isn’t short, either.  The planes can be inside the turbulence of  a hurricane for hours,  facing rotating winds of well over 100 miles per hour.   It’s no walk in the park, but they do it.  And then, they do it again. 

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