RFactor The Best PC Racing Simulation Game

First part of rfactor series was released in November 2005 and it is still known as one of the best pc racing simulations out there. The game is perfect for more experienced, simulation drivers and racing enthusiasts. Both will find plenty to enjoy.

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rFactor Mods

This game is known as one of the best pc racing games that was ever made. One of its best virtues is probably the one which allows gamers to add rfactor mods into the game. As with any other game, so called mods provide you even more awesome gaming experience also in the mentioned simulation driving game. For quite some time rFactor was a leading game amongst the sim racing community and is nowadays still in the contention of solid car simulation games.
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F1 Game 2012

Like previous two years before, Codemasters continues their Formula 1 story with an F1 Game 2012 version. F1 Game 2012 was released in the late september and is available on all major platforms such as PC, xbox360 and Playstation 3. Note that the game still is not not some hardcore simulation racing type of gaming, as it is based more for general public and that is why its driving style is more close to the arcade than simulation style. Because of this, the game has some positive features and also some negative, but for whatever way you say it, for most people, the game is perfect.

On the following link you will find out more about F1 Game 2012 and if you want to know more in general about formula 1 games, the feel free to visit F1 Racing Games page.

Top 10 Racing Games

Find out which are the top 10 racing games for pc. Here you will find my personal favourite top 10 car game selection of driving games. What are my experiences with them, what makes them better then the others and why did I choose them in general. On my top ten list there are all kinds of racing games, from series such as Formula 1 to car driving games where you can be a Nascar or even a Rally driver. Of course I didn’t forget also on Need for Speed and some other games that made me occupied for quite a while. Read this lens further below and see if there are any racing games that you might like.

PlayStation Vita: Great Games for a Portable System

PlayStation Vita GamesThe Vita, a portable gaming system released by PlayStation a couple of months ago, is a fun way to enjoy gaming on the go. The system already hosts a library full of great gaming titles, and there are more fun ones on the way. If you’re considering purchasing the Vita, this list of games might get you off the fence; if you already own the device, you’ll find some great new options to add to your collection.

  • Best Vita Racing Game: wipEout 2048
    The racing genre has always performed well on handheld gaming devices. There’s just something about taking your racing game “on the road,” so to speak, that seems comfortable and natural. That’s why it’s no surprise that the PS Vita has leapt out of the gate with several terrific racing titles, the most enjoyed of which is wipEout 2048 (by a nose!) If you can get past the rather unfortunate capitalization of the title, you’ll be able to enjoy spectacularly realized futuristic vehicles zooming around in gorgeous environments, courtesy of the Vita’s OLED screen. The rear touchpad is used to good effect, adding another dimension to the on-screen action.
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  • Best Vita Sports Game: Hot Shots Golf
    Sports is another highly popular handheld-compatible genre. Although my vote stands firmly with FIFA Soccer, I have to bow to the crowds on this one in favor of Hot Shots Golf. I’ll admit that using the touch-screens adds an extra element of fun to this game, and the kooky characters help to keep it interesting.
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  • Best Vita Shooter Game: Unit 13
    Compared to the racing and sports genres, FPS games are somewhat harder to pull off on handheld gaming devices like the Vita. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a title like Unit 13 that takes full advantage of the touchpads and other controls to create an immersive and unique shooter experience. It’s not going to be exactly like an FPS on your PS3 or your Xbox, but that’s what sets the Vita apart as a valuable addition to your gaming arsenal.
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  • Best Vita RPG: Disgaea 3 – Absence of Detention
    Role-playing is another genre that has experienced mixed portable success, although the advent of gaming on phones and tablets has really upped the bar for casual role-playing games. Disgaea has a leg up on its competition because it’s already a well-known and well-loved franchise. And, unlike the somewhat overpriced Dungeon Hunter Alliance (which can currently be had for $0.99 on your Apple-brand device), it provides more depth and more value.
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Prefer to know the best overall titles, regardless of genre? 10 Best PS Vita Games provides a comparison of the best titles, based on research, reviews, and user votes.