Independence Day in Barbados is November 30

Independence Day in Barbados is November 30

Next Wednesday is Independence Day in Barbados, one of my favorite places in the Caribbean.  The island nation gained its independence on November 30, 1966.  So that will make the independent state and commonwealth realm 45 years old in just another week.

Barbados Coastline Scene
Palm Tree Postcard Barbados



If you’ve not been there, why not celebrate Independence Day in Barbados by taking a few minutes to find out a little about it, and see some wonderful Pictures of Barbados on this lens?  You’ll see some wonderful photos, pictures and designs featuring scenes from Barbados, and find out some interesting facts, too.

What a beautiful place Barbados is.  And in more ways than one, too.  The people are warm and welcoming, and totally proud of the place they live.  And well they should be.  The climate is ideal (unless you love things like blizzards, of course) the beaches are fine, and the diving and snokeling outstanding.

Here’s something you may not know about Barbados:  According to UNESCO, the literacy rate there is higher than that of some of the greatest nations on earth, including the United States.  When we were there, we saw groups of school children on their way to school, all wearing their freshly pressed school uniforms,  They seemed happy to be making their way to class.  Wonder what secret Barbados has discovered about keeping school kids engaged?  Must find out!

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Are You Afraid of Getting Seasick on a Cruise?

About Getting Seasick on a Cruise

Have you ever hesitated to book taking one of those wonderful sounding cruise vacations  because you were worried getting seasick on a cruise?  Well, perhaps you should think again! 

 Here’s some good news for you:  A lot of the people who finally take the plunge, and board a cruise ship inspite of their misgivings about betting seasick on a cruise never even experience the slightest queesiness. 

Why do you suppose that is?  It may be because sailing on todays larger cruise ships is a lot smoother than they had imagined it might be.  Or, it may be because they did their homework first.

WHAT?  Homework before a cruise, you say?  Yep.  But it’s easy stuff.  It’s just a matter of doing a little research on the internet, and a little asking around among those in the know about cruises. 

For example if it’s the motion of the ocean that concerns you, you might start by reading About Getting Seasick on a Cruise, which will explain the following to you:

  • Why large cruise ships are more stable than you might think
  • Which times of the year the seas are likely to be calmer
  • Which cruise itineraries sail in calmer seas
  • What steps you can take if you feel you might be getting seasick
  • Some of the common remedies used by experienced cruisers and sailors

After reading this lens, you’ll see that it’s not an automatic given that everyone who sails also gets seasick.  Some people are more suseptible than others, however… like those who are prone to motion sickness in cars, planes, and trains.  You know who you are.  And you know what works for you.  Even if you are in that group, you should probably pay a visit to this page about sea-sickness.

And if you’re not suseptible, you’ll find some good information so that you can advise your friends and shipmates!



Cruise Ship Swimming Pools

Cruise Ship Swimming Pools

Did you ever wonder about what it would be like to go swimming in a pool on a cruise ship while the ship is sailing the wide blue ocean?  Do you know that the pools on cruise ships are routinely emptied and refilled while the ship is at sea or in port?

Cruise ship swimming pools and the lido decks they are found on are fine places to pass some time while your ship sails from one port to another.  But, what if the seas should become rough? 

Find out about all of these things at my lens about the different kinds of pools and other types of water related ways to entertain yourself aboard today’s mega ships.

BONUS – a fascinating video showing water in the pool going crazy when it is tossed about as the ship sails through some high seas.  You must see this video, featuring actual breaking waves in a normally placid pool!