10 Things You Must Have in 2012


In 2012 are plenty of things you must have. But only these 10 things you really “must have“. Among them is this incredible Tournament Bristle Dartboard, or if you are fan of Usain Bolt you certainly must have these 2 Tickets Men’s 200m Final 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. Or what about this Samsung 3D LED HDTV? Don’t you think that this year is the best for buying new awesome 3D TV for watching summer Olympic Games? That are not all things though. If you go to my lens 10 Things You Must Have in 2012 right now you will find another seven things you must have in this year.

Best Television Theme Songs You Forgot About

I love television theme songs.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have them in just about every playlist I have.  Some of them are classics everyone can sing on cue – “Gilligan’s Island”, anyone?  Others are television theme songs that I forgot about, and it took hearing them again to remind me how great these theme songs were.

Here’s my list of the Best Television Theme Songs You Forgot About.  How many of them did you actually remember before reading the Squidoo lens?

Understanding HDMI Cables

For a product designed from the ground up to simplify home theater systems, there’s still a lot of confusion about HDMI.

This format is, at least as of 2013, the most practical way to carry digital audio video without any loss in quality. One cable, in theory, does it all.

However, it’s still important to distinguish between the five “types” currently available in stores. It’s even more vital to see through some of the exaggerated (or naive) salespeople’s claims that more expensive HDMI cables = better quality. (The short version: they don’t.)

This HDMI Cable Buyers Guide aims to set a few things straight. I hope it helps!