Music Quizzes By Decade

If you are a music trivia buff, you will want to take a shot at this set of quizzes I created for your enjoyment.  The main Song To Artist Quiz has a ten question section for each decade from the 1950s-1990s.  If that isn’t enough music trivia quizzes for you, there are additional quiz pages for each decade:

Quiz: Song To Artist – 50s Music
Quiz: Song To Artist – 60s Music
Quiz: Song To Artist – 70s Music
Quiz: Song To Artist – 80s Music
Quiz: Song To Artist – 90s Music

I had a great deal of fun writing all of these song trivia quizzes.  My hope is that you will try your hand at taking a few of them.  If you haven’t taken the time to write a quiz under the SquidQuiz platform, I highly encourage you to try it.

What’s your favorite musical decade?


Where Did Jack And Rose Make Love In The Movie Titanic?

Where Did Jack And Rose Make Love on The Titanic?This is just one of the questions that you can answer in the trivia quiz on my Top 15 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies lens.

So exactly where did Jack and Rose make love in the movie Titanic?

So do you know the answer?

Was it in her cabin?  A lifeboat? In a car?  In the swimming pool?

Who doesn’t enjoy trivia, and who doesn’t enjoy watching movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Come and take a look at this lens, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Are you ready for a little Summer Trivia Fun?

Are you a big fan of summer? I do love summer although it may fall behind spring and autumn in terms of favorite seasons. I love being able to sit in my backyard in the evening and admire my gardens. I enjoy time on the water with my family. Perhaps most of all I love the fact that summer brings delicious fresh vegetables. Yum! I love fresh fruit and vegetables in many forms. What is your favorite thing about summer?

I have chosen to celebrate my love of summer with a little trivia. If you like summer and trivia then you won’t want to miss my trivia quizzes celebrating summer fun and starting with Fathers Day and July 4 but also including summer specialties including ice cream and gardening.