Another Long List of Things To Be Thankful For

I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with 100 more things to be thankful for after that first list of 100 things, but it was actually easier this time around. And I don’t THINK I’ve duplicated anything. (Let me know if I have, and I’ll come up with something else!)

Creating this list was very uplifting (again) and helped put other things I’m not so thankful for into perspective.

Here they are: 100 MORE Things I’m Thankful For

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / CC

This Thanksgiving try some Guinness recipes

I know some of you will have an heart attack at the thought of  NOT serving turkey and all the classical dishes at Thanksgiving. But change is good, especially when change means delicious dishes cooked with Guinness beer! From starters to desserts and drinks, you will find all you need for an Irish style Thanksgiving. All of these Guinness recipes, except the ice cream and milk shake, can be served to kids because alcohol evaporates when heated.

Here’s a few highlights from the menu:

Welsh Rarebit
Garlic Mushrooms
Main Courses
Guinness Burgers
Irish Stew
Pot Roast
BBQ Chicken
Shepherd’s Pie
Pink Panther Drink
Milk Shake

See all the Guinness recipes here:  Guinness Recipes – For A Different Thanksgiving

Splashes of Warm Colors for Fall and Thanksgiving Decor

Splashes of  Warm Colors for Fall and Thanksgiving

 With Splashes of Warm Colors for Fall and Thanksgiving, I’ve finally jumped on the Fall holiday bandwagon, even if is is a little late.  Not being a big fan of Halloween, I pretty much skipped that fall holiday, but Thanksgiving is a really nice time.  So, I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to work up a lens about it. 
But what?  Fall holidays?  Original ideas were hard to find.  A Recipe Lens?   I pretty much exhausted my considerable culinary reportoire on my lens about Cinnamon Tea as a Healthy Holiday Drink a few days earlier.
Then, SquidooHQ came out with the Fall Harvest Quest, which asked for lenses with autumn themes.  I decided that was just going to have to be my inspiration, and a lens about Splashes of Warm Colors for Fall and Thanksgiving  was the result.  The quest ended at midnight on November 11, and I barely made it, clicking publish just before 11:00 pm.

So, here we are, with a lens about inexpensive or moderately priced  little things – magnets, trivets, coasters,  and more – which can be used to add a splash of warm color to your home for either fall or Thanksgiving.  

Limiting the little decorator touches to just Thanksgiving themes seemed a little foolish in these economic times. I just can’t see spening even a few dollars on something that will be used for only a matter of days, and then packed away for a year.  So, I decided on fall COLORS, which can be used for a lot longer, but also tie in well with the Thanksgiving holiday.

squirrels in the pumpkin patch magnet Vermont Autumn magnet

Between Zazzle and Amazon, there surely are a lot little things in warm colors and autumn themes.  And I found some that I liked and hope others will, too .

Even art  posters can be had inexpensively,  if you don’t go for the premium mediums, like art canvas.  You can have this  pretty 16″ x 16″ poster printed up on semi-gloss poster paper for under $20.00!

Autumn Reflections print
Consider this your invitation to find more ideas at Splashes of Warm Colors for Autumn Decor and Fall Holidays

Are You Going To Punish Your Body On Black Friday?

Black Friday shop from the comfort of home this yearBlack Friday as pretty much everyone in the USA knows is THE shopping day of the year, when the best prices are to be had on thousands of items, and it’s the last opportunity to secure those special gifts for family and friends (or yourself) for the Christmas Holidays.

Many stores open as early as 5am, and this year at least one chain will be opening their doors from a minute past midnight.  It’s crazy isn’t it!

But if you stop and think, there is no reason why you have to drag yourself out of bed the day after Thanksgiving, brave the cold and wet, and what’s worse brave the crowds of other adrenaline crazed shoppers, just to get some bargains.  These days I do all my Black Friday Shopping Online!

“NEVER AGAIN!” is a cry echoed around the country, and I completely agree – NEVER AGAIN!

I remember one year when I lined up waiting for a Best Buy store to open so I could buy our first DVD player at an affordable price, not to mention a portable television and some DVD’s at unheard of prices.  I arrived over 30 minutes before the 5am opening time, only to find the line was already about 300 yards long.

Finally about 30 minutes after the store opened I managed to get inside, as they only allowed so many people in at a time, for safety’s sake.  It took me about an hour to shop, as the store was so jam packed, and they had run out of DVD Players and had to put more out.

Then, I had to line up to pay, the lines all beginning right at the back of the store, and shoppers were continually trying to get through and past you as they hunted down their own prized bargains.  It took at least an hour to get to the checkout, by which time just about everyone was frazzled.

Was it worth it? Back then I thought so, as we now had a DVD Player and movies to watch, but just to save a few dollars, really I would have to say NO!

However, these days there are alternatives when it comes to shopping and I do most of mine ONLINE.  All of the merchants that have special deals for Black Friday in their stores have even more special deals on their web sites, and it’s far easier to sit back and pick items to add to your online shopping cart than to fight the crowds.

I put together a page on Squidoo that has some merchants that have the best Black Friday deals online, well known stores like Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, plus other online companies where you can get Televisions and Computers at the lowest prices of the year.

So please drop by, see what bargains are available, and avoid that mad crowd.  You know it makes sense!