Independence Day for St. Lucia is Today

Independence Day for St. Lucia – February 22


Nautical Jigsaw Puzzle
The Pitons of St. Lucia

It’s Independence Day for St. Lucia, that beautiful southern Caribbean island nation where you’ll find the twin peaks of the famous Pitons rising out of the sea.  See images of the Pitons, and other Pictures of St. Lucia today as you mentally send your best wishes for a Happy Birthday to the warm and wonderful people there.

It was on February 22, 1979, the very first Independence Day for St. Lucia, that the Caribbean nation finally came into its own, becoming an independent state of The Commonwealth of Nations.   

This popular cruise destination has a lot to offer, from tropical beaches to the pitons, to a rain forest, to a drive in volcano

If you’ve not been there, you should put St. Lucia on your list of places to visit.  Until then, I hope the two lenses mentioned here will serve to give you some of the tropical flavor of this fascinating place. 



Pictures of Cruise Destinations

Sailing from Port Canaveral print    A while back, I published a lens called Pictures of Cruise Ships, which showcases pictures of modern cruise ships, vintage cruise line posters, and old ocean liners.  The ‘pictures’ on the lens are all the work of Zazzle artists, beginning with wall art – posters and prints on canvas, and moving on to iPad and iPhone cases. That was a vey enjoyable lens to make, so I decided to move ahead with a series.

This new series, Pictures of Cruise Destinations, ties in nicely with my cruising niche.  Like Pictures of St. Thomas, each one focuses on a specific cruise destination, with pictures from Zazzle, like the wonderful St. Thomas Sunset poster shown here. Other lenses in the serise (so far) include  Pictures of Jamaica ,  Pictures of The Bahamas, and one of my favorites,  Pictures of St. Lucia.  Most recently, I published Pictures of Sint Maarten.  I’m not done yet, but it’s a start!

Saint Lucia is a Beautiful Place

Have you ever visited the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia?  What a beautiful place!  With beaches, sheltered bays, mountains, rustic fishing villages, a rain forest, and even a volcanoe, it’s a place with  lots to see and do.  And a real paradise for photographers, too.  Pictures of St. Lucia are fascinating because of the diversity of the place.  It’s hard to believe that you can see so many different things on one little island. 

One particularly fascinating sight there is St. Lucia’s Drive-in Volcano.  Get a guide to take you, and be prepared for an assault on your senses. It’s a sight and smell you won’t soon forget!