Domain Software You Do Not Want To Miss!

On December 4th, an exclusive domain software that usually requires a monthly membership is being offered at an astounding low price for a lifetime license. Domains On Fire, for the past year has been selling for $47/month. Tomorrow it will be sold for $17 to the first lucky individuals who act quickly. This sale is not on their main website, but if you go to my Squidoo Lens reviewing Steve and Tim’s software, you can click my link which will get you exclusive access to this deal.

I have been using Domains on Fire for just about a year now. Through this unique and powerful domaining software I have been able to grab a fair amount of high PR domains at ridiculously low prices. For me, that is the main beauty of this tool. I use it to build my network of high PR sites (which I use to boost my money sites).

There are other methods of using this tool which I discuss in my review. Make sure you don’t miss this awesome offer tomorrow. For $17 you can get lifetime access to a terrific domain software.

Understanding The Importance Of A Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is extremely important to your online success, and more particularly, to the success of your Squidoo lenses. Such research ensures you are targeting keywords with decent traffic and competition levels you can compete with. This research can be done manually, the slow old-fashion way of using Google’s free external keyword tool, or you can invest a small amount and automate it with a quick quality keyword research tool (ex. Keyword Blaze Pro).

Take a Squidoo Lens: a good keyword research tool can not only help you to establish what your primary keyword should be, but also all the tags you will include with the lens (try to add at least 15 tags).

What I do when I build a lens is thorough research my topic of interest. I first input the particular product into my keyword software and find out the traffic volume and competition levels for that product. (Can I realistically compete? A good question to ask yourself!) Then I research related terms that I can include in my lens to get additional traffic. Sometimes I do this through my keyword research tool and other times I go to my competitors’ websites and check their keyword tags. This lets me see what keywords they think are relevant and related to the topic under consideration. (This is an excellent way to quickly build up your keyword list.)

Once you have all your keywords, build your lens and casually drop them in where the flow of the article allows them. Don’t Force Them In! I hate reading keyword stuffed articles. Let the article flow naturally, and where you were able to fit a keyword in then bold, emphasise or underline it. That can give the keyword a little more weight and importance to the search engines.

Read this lens on the Best Keyword Tool.

My Second Lens Of The Day – Enid Blyton

My Squidoo lens on Enid Blyton was awarded Lens Of The DayI did a little Happy Dance this morning when I found that my lens about the famous children’s author Enid Blyton was awarded the highest recognition on Squidoo, Lens Of The Day.

This lens took me a lot of time to create, and it was a special project as she spent a lot of time in the area where I grew up.  Thousands of children in Commonwealth countries around the world grew up with her books, that took them on wonderful adventures.

If you have read any of Enid Blyton’s books, I hope you will enjoy this lens.  If you are unfamiliar with this amazing author of over 800 books, this is an opportunity to get to know her.

My Pet Peeves Got A Purple Star

I was really pleased to find out yesterday that my lens My Pet Peeves received a much coveted Purple Star Award from Squidoo.

My Pet Peeves is a place to air your grievances, to tell the world about all the niggly things that you need to get off your chest.

Are you mad at people texting while driving, or just being inconsiderate?

Head off to My Pet Peeves and tell everyone what is driving you crazy.