Funny Search Terms For Religious Jokes

If you look at statistics for your Squidoo lenses and indeed for any web page, sometimes they show some really unusual or funny search terms.

Looking at yesterday’s visitor log for my lens Religious Jokes I spotted this classic search term “good ways to fart in Sunday School class“.

Well I can only think of one way to do that – silent and odorless, unless you want to invoke the wrath of the person taking the class!

Have you had any unusual searches that have resulted in traffic to your Squidoo lenses?  If so, feel free to leave a comment and share.


More Religious Jokes

My Religious Jokes lens is one of my oldest on Squidoo, and has also been consistently one of my most successful, hovering just outside of the Top 2,000 on Squidoo most of the time.

Since this lens is becoming increasingly long, I decided that with this being a popular topic, it was time to create a new lens for More Religious Jokes.  I hope that if you enjoy Religious Jokes you will enjoy my new lens.

Squidoo Tip: A good tip for any Squidoo lensmaster who has a very long lens where more content can be added, is to consider splitting it into 2 or more shorter lenses, which gives you more exposure, and hopefully more traffic as hopefully visitors to one lens will visit the others in the series.

The Daily Joke

The Daily Joke - some of the most humorous lenses on SquidooOne of the first series of lenses that I created on Squidoo was The Daily Joke.

I love to share jokes and humor with people, and understand the need to help people laugh to try and drive away the cares and worries of this ever troubled world of ours, so I created a series of lenses filled with jokes, funny pictures and videos, to try and set people laughing.

These lenses have proved to be some of my most popular, and as well as the monthly jokes I also created other lenses on more specific humorous topics.

If you are in the mood for a good laugh, I guarantee that you will find one at the following lenses:

The Daily Joke – an index of my monthly daily jokes lenses
Religious Jokes – the funniest jokes about religion, the church and the pope that I could find
Golf Jokes – wacky jokes about the game of golf
My Pet Peeves – things that really get our nerves
Super Heroes Gone Wrong – fancy dress costumes that just don’t work

I hope you enjoy these lenses and get a good laugh out of them.