Gazebo – Wooden Gazebo vs Metal Gazebo

Gazebo: wood or metal?

If you’re attempting to find the strength, stability, robustness, and endurance associated with a wooden gazebo, you can try the metal gazebo. You now have a lot of opportunities suit your needs. They are available as 4-sided structures, as far as 12-sided structures, and also irregular structures like ovals, rectangles and multi-sectioned designes.

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They can often boast many prospers. An example would be swirling, plant-like shapes. Despite their not being created of wood, they tend to have an incredibly graceful feel to them in a position of complimenting any outdoor setting.

Most metal gazebos are available in aluminum, or steel and wrought iron. Aluminum is truly the more cost-effective and even more lightweight material. It certainly will do fine under most circumstances. However if you’re searching for a considerably more permanent structure, steel or wrought iron will be your best choice.

These metals are much heavier than aluminum and for that reason resist much better to hard winds. Another consideration for some consumers may be that steel and iron aren’t prone to be damaged by vandalism. Despite the fact that steel and iron are definitely more expensive than aluminum, you might possibly reduce your costs in the past few years, basically because they stand the test of time.

Most metal gazebos don’t possess a contiguous roof to retain the rain or snow. You might want to either leave your metal gazebo like that and appreciate it due to its aesthetic value, otherwise you can also add a fitted canopy. These are generally often constructed from a heavy canvass or polymers.

This open design means metal gazebos are ideal for displaying plants that hang in pots from their roof or climb like vines above the sides. Adding plants to your metal gazebo will allow for more shade and attractiveness onto the area.A key benefit about any metal gazebo is its capability to withstand everything that a wood gazebo is prone to. Rot, termites, fading, warping, twisting, chipping, checking, discoloring – these elements are forgotten with a metal gazebo.

However, as a personal opinion, nothing compares to the warmth of wood. Therefore,clasic, countryside wooden gazebos or the stylish amish gazebos are ideal for your backyard. Check this countrysyde gazebos for sale…or not.

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Clean Easier with the Swiffer Duster

Clean Easier with the Swiffer Duster

Easy Clean with Swiffer Duster
Easily dust hard to reach places with the Swiffer Duster


Housecleaning is NOT my favorite activity, so, naturally, I am a fan of anything that will make cleaning quicker or easier.  Enter the Swiffer Duster.  I am happy to report that you can, indeed,  clean easier with the Swiffer Duster.

 Better yet, it’s not an expensive item.  Or a complilcated one.  Nope.  The Swiffer Duster is a simple and affordable little item that makes it easy to remove that pesky dust from hard to reach places.

Think about how much dust collects on the tops of ceiling fan blades, door and window frames, and the top of tall cabinets.  What a pain it is to climb on a step stool with a dust rag or sponge!  And, the older I get, the less climbing I want to do, that’s for sure.  This is not just a custer, but an extension duster with a handle that extends three feet.  So I do a lot less climbing than I used to.  And it really does grab dust.

See my Swiffer Duster Product Review  for more details.

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 Just a quick note:    I only write product reviews for things I own or have actually used!



A NOAA Weather Alert Radio Can Be A Life Saver

A NOAA Weather Alert Radio can be a life saver.

Do you have a NOAA All Hazards Alert Radio, otherwise known as a weatherband radio or simply  a NOAA weather alert radio?

weather band radio
NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Well, you should!  That is, if you live in the United States, in a coastal area, or an area that gets tornadoes, or where you are subject to blizzards or wildfires, or flooding, or other weather emergencies.  That’s practically the whole country, isn’t it?

These radios are not for listening to tunes played by your favorite DJ, or to the Saturday night game.  

A NOAA Weather Alert Radio is for alerting you to emergencies.  Normally, they sit quietly, appearing to do little more than display the time and date.  Until something happens that you should know about.  Then, they activate and alert you to the hazard that has presented itself in your specific area.  Their settings can be customized so that you ONLY get those warnings that are pertinent to your own county, or you can set them for a wider area.  This ability is called S.A.M.E, and is true of most models, even the lower cost ones. 

No home should be without one.  While you CAN pay over a hunderd dollars for one,  you can get a good, reliable one for $30 or less.  Find out more about NOAA Alert Radios, and where you can get them on my Lens, Weather Alert Radio.   I’ll tell you  which brand we have and recomment to our friends and family members. 

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Sony Cybershot Battery Charger Product Review

 Battery Charger Product Review for My Digital Camera

I have written a battery charger product review.  Here’s why.
Once upon a time, I left the battery charger for my Sony Cybershot digital camera on a cruise ship.  This should not surprise those who know me!  So, I was faced with the task of finding a replacement battery charger.  This turned out to be fairly easy.  I just popped in to a local electronics store, and bought a generic charger.  
But, it turned out that this was NOT a great purchase. First of all, it was fairly expensive.  Secondly, it turned out to be a real pain in the neck to use.  So it was that I wanted to find a replacement for the replacement. 
This next one was just perfect, and I am happy as can be with it.  And that’s why I have now written a  Sony Cybershot Battery Charger Product Review.  You  can find my battery charger product review here.
Sony Cybershot Battery Charger
Now, this charger will actually fit a variety of digital camera batteries. So, if you have lost the charger for your digital camera,  this is good news for you.  The charger that I found works with a number of different lithium batteries.  So, chances are, that if your camera uses one of those little square batteries, it will work with yours, too. 
Here’s some more good news.  This charger also came with extra batteries AND a car charger.  AND it cost less than the one I bought locally, which didn’t have any extras.
So, that’s the story of why I decided to write a Sony Cybershot Battery Charger product review.    I have to have a good reason to write a review.  And I only write them for products I actually own or have used.  The product has to have made enough of an impression on me that I really  have something to say about it.  And this battery charger fits the bill.
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Aurora AS810SD Shredder Product Review

Aurora AS810SD shredder

Product Review – Aurora  Shredder

Notice that I have not referred to this device as a paper shredder.  That applied to my old shredder.  It shredded paper, and paper only.  This new one that I recently purchased also shreds credit cards and CD’s, so I must properly refer to it as a “shredder,” rather than a “paper shredder.”

TODAY,  I am thrilled with it.  But, the day it arrived,  not so much.

Why is that?  See my Product Review of the Aurora AS810SD Shredder to find out.  So far, I’ve only done a tiny handful of product reviews on Squidoo, but I do think that, with this one I’m getting better at it.  (At least I hope so)