SEO Is Good But Search Popularity Is Everything

Several months ago for no apparent reason, one of my most successful lenses My Pet Peeves started to get a lot more traffic from Google.

This was great for a month, with between 200-300 guaranteed visits a day, and my lens ranking in the top 2 on the first page of Google when searching for “My Pet Peeves”.

My Squidoo stats showed that about 90% of my visitors were coming from Google, which was wonderful, but in the last couple of weeks, that traffic has died off, and it’s now only 50-100 a day.  In fact no day in the past week has seen even 100 visits to My Pet Peeves.

Checking on Google for “My Pet Peeves” I still see it ranked at #2 on the first page of Google, so I assume that the popularity of this as a search has decreased.

It just goes to show that even having done your job on Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research, you are still at the mercy of the public, who may or may not search on something that causes your lens to popup for them to click on.

My Pet Peeves Got A Purple Star

I was really pleased to find out yesterday that my lens My Pet Peeves received a much coveted Purple Star Award from Squidoo.

My Pet Peeves is a place to air your grievances, to tell the world about all the niggly things that you need to get off your chest.

Are you mad at people texting while driving, or just being inconsiderate?

Head off to My Pet Peeves and tell everyone what is driving you crazy.

My Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeves all the little things in life that annoy me and drive me crazyMy Pet Peeves is a lens that I created to air my feelings about things that drive me crazy.   I know that we all have our own Pet Peeves, and this was proved when I added a Plexo module (list with voting) to the lens, and hundreds of you added your opinions on things that made you just see red.

So what really gets my goat?

For a start, those people who refuse to turn off their cell phones when they are in a public place, like a restaurant, or even worse in a movie theater or church, or in a conference or classroom.   The constant sound of ringtones interrupting whatever is going on drives you mad.

As for ringtones, that is another of My Pet Peeves.  Why can’t the new telephones have normal telephone sounds when someone calls you any more?  Why do the telephone companies think that the whole population wants to listen to an extract from a song that they don’t like, or to annoying electronic midi style sounds.

Don’t get me started on bad driving, or people in the USA who can’t understand roundabouts.   Please also don’t get me started on bad spelling or grammar, and certainly not on people who give their children silly names.

Well if that hasn’t sparked your interest in my lens My Pet Peeves, nothing will I guess.   My Pet Peeves is a highly amusing collection of things from our life that we would rather not put up with, so please drop by, and if you have anything to get off your chest, please add your Pet Peeves to the lists and leave a comment.

The Daily Joke

The Daily Joke - some of the most humorous lenses on SquidooOne of the first series of lenses that I created on Squidoo was The Daily Joke.

I love to share jokes and humor with people, and understand the need to help people laugh to try and drive away the cares and worries of this ever troubled world of ours, so I created a series of lenses filled with jokes, funny pictures and videos, to try and set people laughing.

These lenses have proved to be some of my most popular, and as well as the monthly jokes I also created other lenses on more specific humorous topics.

If you are in the mood for a good laugh, I guarantee that you will find one at the following lenses:

The Daily Joke – an index of my monthly daily jokes lenses
Religious Jokes – the funniest jokes about religion, the church and the pope that I could find
Golf Jokes – wacky jokes about the game of golf
My Pet Peeves – things that really get our nerves
Super Heroes Gone Wrong – fancy dress costumes that just don’t work

I hope you enjoy these lenses and get a good laugh out of them.