Classic British Television Comedies

There is one thing that is known to make many people laugh around the world, and that is a Classic British Television Comedy.

There are many Classic American Television Comedy Shows too, but what a lot of Americans don’t know is that these have in many cases been cloned from an original British Comedy Series that had a similar plot.

Examples of these are Sanford & Son (originally Steptoe & Son), All In The Family (originally Till Death Us Do Part), and there are also more recent shows like The Office, Coupling and Men Behaving Badly that were copied, not all with the same success though.

Some, like The Good Life were even shown in the USA under a different name, this one being changed to Good Neighbors.

Some Classic British Television Comedies  like Are You Being Served, The Benny Hill Show, Mr. Bean, Blackadder or Monty Python’s Flying Circus could not be repeated with a different cast, and all have been highly successful around the world.

I present to you my latest page on Squidoo, Classic British Television Comedies, which features a number of these classic shows, together with some of the best video clips.

I hope you enjoy these, and if I missed a show that you like, please let me know.

Humor Lenses Work Well On Squidoo

If you ever get stuck for topics to create lenses about on Squidoo, take it from me that Humor lenses work well.

One of my two best lenses is a humor lens, it’s My Pet Peeves, and I created it as my opportunity to rant about the little things in life that really frustrate me.

This lens has been very successful, in fact it’s one of only two lenses that consistently stays in the Top Tier in Squidoo, which makes a big difference to my earnings.

Another of the first lenses that I created on Squidoo is Religious Jokes, and this also consistently gets a lot of visitors.  Right now it’s doing really well and doing it’s best to move up into the Top Tier, and I hope that I can succeed in giving it the extra boost it needs to not only get there but to stay there as well. 

This lens has become so large that I recently decided to split it and to create a new lens for all the new Religious Humor that I have found, so now More Religious Jokes is on it’s way to success on Squidoo.

I have more humor lenses though that are all challenging to get into or to stay in Tier Two, including Golf Jokes, it’s evil twin Dirty Golf Jokes, and Baby Boomer Jokes.

Finally, with so many Humor Lenses, how could I not have a Lensography for them.  You can find all my Humor and Daily Jokes lenses and more at The Daily Joke.

So next time you are feeling in a humorous mood and struggling to think of what to write about, why not create a lens that is funny and different.  Yours too might just be a success like mine.


The Daily Joke

The Daily Joke - some of the most humorous lenses on SquidooOne of the first series of lenses that I created on Squidoo was The Daily Joke.

I love to share jokes and humor with people, and understand the need to help people laugh to try and drive away the cares and worries of this ever troubled world of ours, so I created a series of lenses filled with jokes, funny pictures and videos, to try and set people laughing.

These lenses have proved to be some of my most popular, and as well as the monthly jokes I also created other lenses on more specific humorous topics.

If you are in the mood for a good laugh, I guarantee that you will find one at the following lenses:

The Daily Joke – an index of my monthly daily jokes lenses
Religious Jokes – the funniest jokes about religion, the church and the pope that I could find
Golf Jokes – wacky jokes about the game of golf
My Pet Peeves – things that really get our nerves
Super Heroes Gone Wrong – fancy dress costumes that just don’t work

I hope you enjoy these lenses and get a good laugh out of them.