Relax With Paper Folding Before the Holidays

Make paper wreaths

Paper folding is relaxing and the finished project gives the craft artist a little satisfaction. For the Holiday season here is a collection of Paperfacets’ tea bag folding web tutorials for folding rosettes and card embellishments. Each page has complete instructions for the folding and ideas for using it.

The rosette is the simplest medallion to fold and the lesson is approaches all the steps for folding and completing four greeting cards. Use this for a troop group project, for a fourth grade class or at home. Of course, depending on papers and extra accents these cards can be fun or elegant. The website is Tea Bag Folding Paper Craft for Children and Beginners.

Paper wreaths you can make small or large. What will do with this fold? How To Make Paper Folding Wreaths

The paper frame star can use cut outs from old Christmas cards and this can be a project for the class, as well. One side can have the child’s photo and other side the card cutout with the Holiday greeting.

Paper Frame Holiday or Gift Ornament.

Wishing you many enjoyable days before the Holidays.

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National Cat Day in the United States is October 29

National Cat Day
Walker, Florida Feline

Celebrate National Cat Day on October 29th

National Cat Day is October 29th in the United States.  Pictures of Cats and Gifts for Cat Lovers will help you celebrate this day for felines and their human friends.
Are you an Ailurophile?  (That’s someone who is fond of cats)  Celebrate National Caty day by browsing a few pictures of cats and choosing a gift for your favorite cat lover.  With Christmas just around the corner, it may give you some ideas that you may not have otherwise thought of.  And, don’t you know that most cat lovers really appreciate receiving a cat related gift?
The cat in the photo to the left is my own little Walker,  Florida Feline.  With the kids grown and scattered all over the country, this little guy is our furbaby and is just flat-out spoiled!  Guess it’s not that uncommon for old folks like us to dote on our pets.  After all, they are amazing loyal companions, and bring a lot of joy into our homes. 
Back to October 29th.  There’s a good reason that this particular day – just two days before halloween –  was chosen as Natioal Cat Day.  Find out why when you visit Pictures of Cats and Gifts for Cat Lovers.    

Tomorrow is Discovery Day in The Bahamas

Discovery Day in The Bahamas

I’ll be you thought tomorrow was Columbus Day.  Well, yes, of course it is.  But not if you are a Bahamian.  Octobr 12th is actually Discovery Day in The Bahamas.  Yes, it recognizes the very same thing that Columbus Day does.  It’s just called by a different name there.  It’s the day that Columbus first set foot in the New World.  (He thought he was actually someplace very different, but that’s another story.)  And WHERE did he first set foot in the New World?  In The Bahamas!  Thats why they call it Discovery Day in The Bahamas.   

If you happen to be in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas on October 12, you can celebrate Discovery Day in Nassau.   Or, celebrate it in Freeport, or on the beautiful island of Eleuthera, or any one of a number of other islands.  If you won’t be there, why not take a moment or two to just look at some wonderful Pictures of The Bahamas?   It surely is a beautiful place.  And, it’s right off the coast of the United States’ own Sunshine State.  (Otherwise known as Florida.)

I do love the Bahamas.  Do you?  The atmosphere there is so . . . well, bahamian. 
And just about everywhere you look, it makes your eyes happy.

And, if you like The Bahamas, and you like thee Pictures of the Bahamas that I show on my lens, you just might also like Pictures of St. Thomas and Pictures of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

Celebrate Oktoberfest Beginning September 17

Celebrate Oktoberfest Beginning September 17

Do you enjoy a nice cold brew now and then?  If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can join legions of others and lift a cold one to celebrate Oktoberfest beginning September 17.   (That’s day after tomorrow, by the way.)  And, you can keep on celebrating Oktoberfest for weeks to come, since it actually lasts all the way until October 3.

 Oktoberfest 2011 is September17 – October 3 

Oktoberfest Munich Germany Beer Stein Mug mug
Oktoberfest Munich Germany Beer Stein Mug
by zooogle

The very best spot to join in the revelry is in an authentic beergargten in the beautiful city of Munich.  So, look into those air fares now and see if you can find a last minute special.

Of course, not everyone emjoys the luxury of being able to fly off to another country at a moments notice – myself included.  So, short of that, you can still celebrate.  Most every good sized population area has at least one great German restaurant.  Find one of those and get yourself a table there.  Many will have something a little extra to offer during Oktoberfest – perhaps special dishes, two for one specials on some of that great German beer, or even just a leiderhosen-clad musician.  (After all, why miss such  a perfect marketing opportunity?)

Or, you may want to host your own little Oktoberfest in your backyard.  If you do, be sure to have some beer steins on hand for toasting in style.  They’re widely available, and will come in handy for other occasions, too.

Now, if you want to ponder a really weighty related topic, you might pay a visit to Mugs, Cups, and Steins, and bone up on the differences between these three different types of drinking vessels. 

Pick your poison, pick up your stein, and enjoy celebrate Oktoberfest beginning September 17!

Jamaican Independence Day

Jamaican Independence Day – August 4

Have you ever been in another country during one of their national holidays?  I love seeing first hand how others celebrate important days. 

Day after tomorrow is August 4 – Jamaican Independence Day.  Jamaica, has been a fully independent nation since 1962.  Happy Birthday, Jamaica!  Some day, I thik it would be fun to take a cruise that calls at Jamaica on the 4th of August, and see for myself  how Jamaicans celebrate their country’s birthday. 

But, for now, I’ve collected quite a few Pictures of Jamaica so that I can recall the beauty I saw there, and so those who haven’t had the pleasure can enjoy something of the flavor of this Caribbean nation. These next few days would be a good time for you to enjoy them!  The pictures showcase the wok of selected  Zazzle artists and photographers.  This article is one in a series of photos from various cruise destinations.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / CC