Food on Cruise Ships – If Like Food, You’ll Love Cruising

Many Passengers Focus on the Food on Cruise Ships

To say there’s a lot of food on cruise ships is an understatement.  Depending the size of your ship, and the cruse line, you’ll foat  the main dining room (at least one), the buffet, alternative restaurants, snack bars, ice cream stands, casual lunch spots, pastry counters, and even strolling waiters with trays of hors d’oeuvres.  And then, thre’s room service, too.

Food on cruise ships
In a cruise ship's alternative restaurant

It’s no wonder that, when a non-cruiser askes a cruiser what it’s like to take a cruise, one of the things mentioned is inevitably the food on cruise ships.  And, it usually gets more than just a mention. 

It’s safe to say that, for many passengers, food on cruise ships is honestly a focal point.  M husband and I have truly been fortunate, in that we have been on our share of cruises.  And I can honestly say that, for him, anyway, the food is one of his ghreated pleasures when he is on board a ship.   He takes full advantage of the opportunityes to sample ldirrerent things, and especially enjoys the wonderful sugar-free deserts. 

Me, not so much.  I’be even been known to skip a meal or two during a week long cruise just as I would do during a week at home.  I just don’t share his fascination with food and eating.  I’m just eager to get away from home, smell the sea air, and plunge in to the ruisay waters of the Caribbean for a swim or  a little snorkeling. 

And, that, for me, is one of the beauties of cruising.  There’s something for everyone – foodies and non-foodies included.  And everyone is free to enjoy their time on board in exactly the way they want. 

I sure am looking forward to our next week at sea!



Poppy seeds – the unknown delicacy

Poppy seed is an oilseed obtained from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). In the past it was used for sedation or even today it is harvested for opium. But for me, poppy seed is one of the best thing I have ever ate. As a child, teenager or even now when I cook poppy seed meals for my family. And don’t you worry about us, we are not drugs addicts. Using poppy seeds in various dishes and deserts is one big tradition in my country – Slovakia….

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What Is Your Favorite Breakfast?

What Is Your Favorite Breakfast is a lens that asks exactly that.

In the USA alone, people have many ideas about what makes the perfect breakfast.   Is it Cereals, Waffles, Bagles, a Dennys’ special?  Maybe a trip to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or Einstein Bagels is your ideal breakfast.  Maybe you are one of those who needs your morning fix from Bob Evans or IHOP.

Here in the UK a proper breakfast means Sausages, Bacon, Fried Eggs, Baked Beans, Grilled Tomatoes, and maybe Fried Bread, Chips (steak fries) or fried potatoes (our equivalent of Hash Browns) and of course Black Pudding (Blood Sausage or Morcilla).   It used to be a staple food once upon a time, but these days most people tend to eat a bit healthier.

Do you prefer to just snack on Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit or Oatmeal maybe?

My personal favorite breakfast place is Golden Corral.  Sure it’s all too easy to eat all the wrong things there, but you can also eat the right things if you want, and the food is always fresh and tasty.

So what is your favorite breakfast food, and your favorite place to eat breakfast when you go out?

Please drop a comment on the lens and let us know.