Celebrate Oktoberfest Beginning September 17

Celebrate Oktoberfest Beginning September 17

Do you enjoy a nice cold brew now and then?  If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can join legions of others and lift a cold one to celebrate Oktoberfest beginning September 17.   (That’s day after tomorrow, by the way.)  And, you can keep on celebrating Oktoberfest for weeks to come, since it actually lasts all the way until October 3.

 Oktoberfest 2011 is September17 – October 3 

Oktoberfest Munich Germany Beer Stein Mug mug
Oktoberfest Munich Germany Beer Stein Mug
by zooogle

The very best spot to join in the revelry is in an authentic beergargten in the beautiful city of Munich.  So, look into those air fares now and see if you can find a last minute special.

Of course, not everyone emjoys the luxury of being able to fly off to another country at a moments notice – myself included.  So, short of that, you can still celebrate.  Most every good sized population area has at least one great German restaurant.  Find one of those and get yourself a table there.  Many will have something a little extra to offer during Oktoberfest – perhaps special dishes, two for one specials on some of that great German beer, or even just a leiderhosen-clad musician.  (After all, why miss such  a perfect marketing opportunity?)

Or, you may want to host your own little Oktoberfest in your backyard.  If you do, be sure to have some beer steins on hand for toasting in style.  They’re widely available, and will come in handy for other occasions, too.

Now, if you want to ponder a really weighty related topic, you might pay a visit to Mugs, Cups, and Steins, and bone up on the differences between these three different types of drinking vessels. 

Pick your poison, pick up your stein, and enjoy celebrate Oktoberfest beginning September 17!

Nautical Jewelry and Sea Life Jewelry

Nautical Jewelry and Sea Life Jewelry

Are you one of the many people who loves to travel by sea?  If so, then you may find yourself attracted to nautical jewelry  or jewelry based on a sea life theme.  Nautical themes include boats and ships, anchors, ships wheels, and various versions of the compass rose.  Sea life jewelry is also very popular.  This includes things like seahorse earrings, dolphin pendants, and gold anchor pendants.  Charm bracelets can include cruise ship charms, starfish charms, and others, including sea turtles and even stingrays.  Nautical Jewelry and Sea Life Jewelry has been popular for a long time, and promises to remain so.

Nautical Jewelry and Sea Life Jewelry are probably not hard to find in your local area.  But, depending on where you are, your choices may be limited.  However, don’t despair!  Did you know that your  choices in nautical themed jewelry items are nearly unlimited when you shop on line?  It’s true!
This Squidoo lens about Nautical Jewelry and Sea Life Jewelry will give you a good idea of some of the choices avialable at several places on the internet.  It would be a good place to start.  You might even find just exactly what you are looking for right there.  Who knows?
Whether you are looking for something for yourself, or a gift for a friend or loved one who appreciates all things nautical, you’re sure to get some good ideas by visiting this page! 

Gifts for Water Lovers from H2OWater Gallery on Zazzle

Gifts for Water Lovers from H2OWater

It’s all about the water…  all kinds of water . . . ocean waves at sea and washing up on beaches, ship’s wakes, river scenes, standing water, reflecting water, even creatures and scenes unde the water.  In short, gifts for water lovers!

Wading Gulls Friendship Poster from H2OWater
Wading Gulls Friendship Poster from H2OWater

Do you just love the water?  I do!  I love being near the water, in the water, on the water, and underwater.  That’s what prompted me to create  a new zazzle gallery filled with gifts for water lovers.  So, I created H2OWater Gallery and now, I’ve written a lens about it:  H2Owater Gallery – gifts for Water Lovers

All but one of the photos on the products in this Zazzle gallery are from my own cameras – either my digital camera, or disposables.  I am still using disposables for underwater shots, as I don’t yet have an underwater digital camera.  But that’s certainlyon my ‘wish list.’

I’ve been showcasing some of the designs from my H2OWater gallery on the lens.   I just love sharing these watery pictures and designs.  I’m such a big water lover, and I know there are others like me out there.  So, I think that once people stumble on this page, they’ll be pleased with the gifts for water lovers from H2Owater that they will find there.

I’ll continue showcasing newly designed gifts for water lovers on my lens from time to time, and I hope that others will love all the watery things they find there… water in the sea, on the beach, river scenes, ponds, and just plain water! 


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Custom Cruise Magnets

Custom Cruise Magnets for Your Group or Family Cruise

Custom Cruise Magnets are becoming very popular for those going on a group cruise or a family cruise.  They can be customized with your family name, or the name of your group, as well as the name of your ship and the sailing date. 

Some people like to put them on their cabin doors, while others just appreciate having them as a special memento of a wonderful time spent with family or friends.  What is a “Stateroom Door Marker?”  Visit my Stateroom Door Markers lens to find out what they are, and why you might want one.  They make great little inexpensive, but much appreciated bon voyage gifts, too!

You can purchase custom cruise magnets at CruiseReady on Zazzle, by the way. 


Fun Cruise Buttons

Family Cruises – an Affordable Vacation

Nautical Cruise Wear for Children


I Finally Quested – Family Cruising for an Affordable Vacation

I had never done a lens for a quest before this past week.  I don’t know why, but guess I either never paid much attention to them, or didn’t have the confidence in my ability to make a quality lens of the type requested.

But then, the squid quest boss requested one about travel.  I was there!  I love travel, but most especially travel by water… and have done a few lenses about cruise ships and cruising.  So, I thought this quest would be a cinch.  Quick and easy.  Well, it wasn’t quick, and I probably made it too involved to be easy.  But, after two days work, it’s finally done.

You can read about how a fictional family planned an eight day vacation on a budget, and right smack dab in the middle of the eight days is – you guessed it – a cruise.  Not a long one, but a shorter, less expensive one.  See what their plans are for each day of their vacation, and the affordable things they found to do at A Family Cruise can be an Affordable Vacation.