Independence Day in Barbados is November 30

Independence Day in Barbados is November 30

Next Wednesday is Independence Day in Barbados, one of my favorite places in the Caribbean.  The island nation gained its independence on November 30, 1966.  So that will make the independent state and commonwealth realm 45 years old in just another week.

Barbados Coastline Scene
Palm Tree Postcard Barbados



If you’ve not been there, why not celebrate Independence Day in Barbados by taking a few minutes to find out a little about it, and see some wonderful Pictures of Barbados on this lens?  You’ll see some wonderful photos, pictures and designs featuring scenes from Barbados, and find out some interesting facts, too.

What a beautiful place Barbados is.  And in more ways than one, too.  The people are warm and welcoming, and totally proud of the place they live.  And well they should be.  The climate is ideal (unless you love things like blizzards, of course) the beaches are fine, and the diving and snokeling outstanding.

Here’s something you may not know about Barbados:  According to UNESCO, the literacy rate there is higher than that of some of the greatest nations on earth, including the United States.  When we were there, we saw groups of school children on their way to school, all wearing their freshly pressed school uniforms,  They seemed happy to be making their way to class.  Wonder what secret Barbados has discovered about keeping school kids engaged?  Must find out!

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Hurricane Irene is Bad News for The Bahamas

Hurricane Irene is Bad News for The Bahamas

Hurricane Irene on Aug 24
Hurricane Irene Poised to Rake through The Bahamas


This morning, Hurricane became a Major Category Three Hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph.  An very large system, with hurricane force winds extending out 40 miles from the center, and tropical storm strength winds going out up to 205 miles from the center, she is forecast to strengthen even more.  (You can follow daily tropical updates on my  2011 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Journal lens.)  Yes, it’s true that Hurricane Irene is bad news for The Bahamas – real bad news!

That means Hurricane Irene is bad news for the Bahamas, since the forecast track takes her lengthwise through the entire island group from southeast to northwest, hitting virtually every one of the nations 3,077 islands, islets, and cays in the proces.  For low-lying islands, it certainly doesn’t take a direct hit by the eyewall to cause a lot of damage, but that’s exactly what will happen with some of the beautiful islands of The Bahamas today and tomorrow. 

While limited evacuations have already been ordered in the United States, there are no evacuation options in The Bahamas.  All those folks can do is board up, hunker down, and / or head for a shelter.  Living in paradise does have its price, I guess. 

And yes, it is a little bit like paradise in the island nation off the coast of Florida.  You can check it out here on Pictures of The Bahamas.  Let’s hope it’s still that way after Irene is done there.

Unlike the rest of the islands, one small cay is being evacuated.  CocoCay, in the Berry Islands of The Bahamas, is a private island belonging to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.   There isn’t much there…  no paved roads, no stop lights, no large sturdy public buildings.  Just some housing for the staff that maintains the island and the equipment that is there for the enjoyment of the cruise passengers who visit.  The cruise line is securing the cay, and evacuating their personel who normally live there.  Those of us who have visited this little slice of paradise hope it doesn’t suffer too badly from Irene’s visit. 

But, more importantly, our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and neighbors in The Bahamas today, as they deal this very negative aspect of tropical weather.

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Pictures of Cruise Destinations

Sailing from Port Canaveral print    A while back, I published a lens called Pictures of Cruise Ships, which showcases pictures of modern cruise ships, vintage cruise line posters, and old ocean liners.  The ‘pictures’ on the lens are all the work of Zazzle artists, beginning with wall art – posters and prints on canvas, and moving on to iPad and iPhone cases. That was a vey enjoyable lens to make, so I decided to move ahead with a series.

This new series, Pictures of Cruise Destinations, ties in nicely with my cruising niche.  Like Pictures of St. Thomas, each one focuses on a specific cruise destination, with pictures from Zazzle, like the wonderful St. Thomas Sunset poster shown here. Other lenses in the serise (so far) include  Pictures of Jamaica ,  Pictures of The Bahamas, and one of my favorites,  Pictures of St. Lucia.  Most recently, I published Pictures of Sint Maarten.  I’m not done yet, but it’s a start!