Independence Day for St. Lucia is Today

Independence Day for St. Lucia – February 22


Nautical Jigsaw Puzzle
The Pitons of St. Lucia

It’s Independence Day for St. Lucia, that beautiful southern Caribbean island nation where you’ll find the twin peaks of the famous Pitons rising out of the sea.  See images of the Pitons, and other Pictures of St. Lucia today as you mentally send your best wishes for a Happy Birthday to the warm and wonderful people there.

It was on February 22, 1979, the very first Independence Day for St. Lucia, that the Caribbean nation finally came into its own, becoming an independent state of The Commonwealth of Nations.   

This popular cruise destination has a lot to offer, from tropical beaches to the pitons, to a rain forest, to a drive in volcano

If you’ve not been there, you should put St. Lucia on your list of places to visit.  Until then, I hope the two lenses mentioned here will serve to give you some of the tropical flavor of this fascinating place. 



Independence Day in Barbados is November 30

Independence Day in Barbados is November 30

Next Wednesday is Independence Day in Barbados, one of my favorite places in the Caribbean.  The island nation gained its independence on November 30, 1966.  So that will make the independent state and commonwealth realm 45 years old in just another week.

Barbados Coastline Scene
Palm Tree Postcard Barbados



If you’ve not been there, why not celebrate Independence Day in Barbados by taking a few minutes to find out a little about it, and see some wonderful Pictures of Barbados on this lens?  You’ll see some wonderful photos, pictures and designs featuring scenes from Barbados, and find out some interesting facts, too.

What a beautiful place Barbados is.  And in more ways than one, too.  The people are warm and welcoming, and totally proud of the place they live.  And well they should be.  The climate is ideal (unless you love things like blizzards, of course) the beaches are fine, and the diving and snokeling outstanding.

Here’s something you may not know about Barbados:  According to UNESCO, the literacy rate there is higher than that of some of the greatest nations on earth, including the United States.  When we were there, we saw groups of school children on their way to school, all wearing their freshly pressed school uniforms,  They seemed happy to be making their way to class.  Wonder what secret Barbados has discovered about keeping school kids engaged?  Must find out!

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Happy Independence Day, St. Kitts and Nevis!

Happy Independence Day, St. Kitts and Nevis!

SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS by griffinpassant  

Tomorrow  – September 19th – is Independence Day for St. Kitts and Nevis, in the Southern Caribbean.  Celebrate with them by visiting Pictures of St. Kitts and Nevis and drinking in some of the beautiful scenery in this lovely and tropical two island nation.

Not only will you find there some wonderful graphics and photos of St. Kitts Island and Nevis Island, but you’ll also find a little information about this nation that gained its independence twenty-eight years ago.

Happy Independence Day, St. Kitts and Nevis!

Jamaican Independence Day

Jamaican Independence Day – August 4

Have you ever been in another country during one of their national holidays?  I love seeing first hand how others celebrate important days. 

Day after tomorrow is August 4 – Jamaican Independence Day.  Jamaica, has been a fully independent nation since 1962.  Happy Birthday, Jamaica!  Some day, I thik it would be fun to take a cruise that calls at Jamaica on the 4th of August, and see for myself  how Jamaicans celebrate their country’s birthday. 

But, for now, I’ve collected quite a few Pictures of Jamaica so that I can recall the beauty I saw there, and so those who haven’t had the pleasure can enjoy something of the flavor of this Caribbean nation. These next few days would be a good time for you to enjoy them!  The pictures showcase the wok of selected  Zazzle artists and photographers.  This article is one in a series of photos from various cruise destinations.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / CC