Really Looking Foward to the Movie — Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Girl with the Dragon TattooI loved the Swedish film, subtitles and all. It took me a bit longer to really get into the book, which is what you might call a bit slow at the outset, but eventually I was hooked on that too. And now I’m anxious to see the American version of this movie, starring Daniel Craig (the latest James Bond) and relative newcomer, Rooney Mara.

Rooney plays the troubled, tough, dark, fascinating and strangely endearing character, Lisbeth Salander. Lisbeth is, to me and many others, the main draw for this story, in the book and in the Swedish film of the same name, both of which are the first of the three-part Millenium Trilogy by the late author, Steig Larsson.

Have you read the book or seen the Swedish film? If not, or even if you have and want to read my reviews and learn a bit about the two women who play Lisbeth in the films, stop by my lens about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Give Curious Children a Kids Book about How Things Work

Children Love This Kids Book about How Things Work

The Way Things Work

When my Grandson was growing up, he was always curious about how things work.  That’s probably why he absolutely loved his copy of The Way Things Work, by David Macaulay.

Well,. here’s some good news.  Today’s children can grow up with an updated copy of the same book.  It’s called the New Way Things Work.  (Also by David Macaulay, of course)

This profusely illustrated book is probably the best kids book about how things work that you will find.

Everything in the book is well researched, and the drawings by Macaulay are just incredible.  He is generally accepted to be one of the very best pen and ink illustrators alive today, so you know they are good.  And accurate, too!

The fun bonus is a silly wooly mammoth that lumbers his way through the pages, to the delight of young readers.

Even if your child is younger than the 9 to 12 age range recommended by the publisher for this book, get it anyway.  YOU will appreciate it!  When your son or daughter asks exactly how a can opener works, or email, or some other modern marvel, the book will be a big help to you.  That is, until they are old enough for you to turn it over to them.  Then, they will eagerly look up the answers to their many questions themselves.

Now, there’s even a companion game to the book.  How lucky is that?

For more information about this book and other nonfiction books for kids who have lots of questions, visit:

And, for even younger children with a lot of curiosity, see Nonfiction Books for Kids Ages 4 to 8.




Classic Books for Kids

We are a family of readers. We love books, especially classic books for kids. We have been reading the classics since the girls were little. Back then all books were read aloud. There are so many wonderful picture books for little ones. All of our favorites can be found at: Best Children’s Books for Babies to Preschoolers.

Listening to classics has helped build their vocabulary and their imagination. As they learned to read on their own good books naturally encourage better spelling. From earlier readers to simple chapter books, our favorites for the primary school years are all found at Best Children’s Classic Books for Ages 4 to 8

And then they turned into tweens and the fun really began. It think that books for recommended reading age 9-12 are encompass my favorite children’s literature. It is still fun and easy to read. Children are still happy to listen to read aloud stories or just as happy to enjoy the book on their own. All of our favorites can be found at Best Classic Books for Ages 9 – 12.

I hope you find some of your favorites among these recommended reading lists. And remember, if you have a small book order, or you live outside of the US, Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping on books. It is where we purchase nearly all our books.

Free Shipping on all Books at the Book Depository

Happy Brithday Tony Hillerman

Today we are remembering one of my favorite authors Tony Hillerman on the anniversary of his birthday.

Where do you find detective novels, Navajo culture, Skinwalkers, Hopi culture,  New Mexico landscape beauty, humor and great reading in one place? In a Tony Hillerman novel.

If you don’t know Tony Hillerman. check out my lens to find out why so many people love his books. If you are already a fan, I think you will enjoy learning more.

Tony Hillerman Mystery Writer