The Best SEO Automation Software

Peter Drew’s newest version of SEO automation software called Evo Mega Pro is slick. It has been constantly upgraded through the years to keep ahead of Google’s algorithm changes. And keeping ahead of Google is one of Dr. Drew’s specialties. This seo tool is highly effective in ranking your websites in the organic search engines.

Over the last year or so, Evo Pro (as it was then known) has added a number of special additions to increase traffic to your websites. Being able to set up numerous accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (to name a few) and drive instant traffic to your site is one of his cutting-edge features. Also, the ability to integrate Amazon with your Pinterest pics is a great alternative way to make money online.

Right now, Peter Drew is offering a huge discount on the automation software if you purchase a yearly account. Of the 4 or 5 years that this software has been around a yearly account has never been offered. But with the new launch of Evo Mega Pro things are being changed up a bit. Grab this super discount before the offer expires!

Autographed Cheap NHL Jerseys

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Amazon Module’s vs Amazon Spotlight Module’s On Squidoo

I recently spent some time going through my squidoo lenses and writing down every little bit that did not look, read, feel, or taste right. Well maybe not the last, but regardless, the list wound up being quite a long one! And an area of concern that popped up on many of my lenses was the crowding of amazon sales modules.

I don’t know why, but the amazon sales module screams “salesman!” when I try to use it on my lenses and I was close to giving up hope… before reading up on how to create pages to target one item at a time. I gave this targeting of amazon onto one item at a time with a video game review lens, Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time, and found that it not only got rid of that over-salesmanship-feeling I had, but blended the text and item picture together quite well.

I suppose it can’t replace it entirely, or at least I keep telling myself that. There are places where one would need to list out a few products in a row, perhaps different variations of the same ipod, or accessories. I wonder if others have had any similar experiences, or if this is just common knowledge that took a little longer to get through to me 😉

PS – I know how to scrawl writings in photoshop! INTERNET FEAR ME!

Trade In Your Old Phone For An Amazon Gift Card

Trade In Your Old Cell PhoneThis is the season when many people think about Electronics gifts, including upgrading their cell phones, but what can you do with the old ones?

Invariably your old phone will just sit and gather dust in a corner for the next 10 years, until it is either thrown out or you decide it’s time to try and sell it as an antique!

But did you know that Amazon now allows you to trade in your old phone for an Amazon Gift Card?

Not only can you get rid of your old phone, but Amazon will make sure it goes to a new home, often a charity, and as a bonus you get an Amazon Gift Card that you can use towards practically any item in the Amazon range.

Learn more about Amazon Gift Cards and see just how useful they are – and what is more they don’t expire either!

Amazon Gift Cards Make The Perfect Christmas Gift

Amazon Gift CardChristmas time can be PANIC time when you don’t know what to get someone.  I think we have all been through the experience of puzzling what to get.

There is really no need to panic or struggle with what to buy though – just send an Amazon Gift Card.

Amazon have a wide range of Gift Cards that can be sent by post (Free Delivery), emailed, or even by Facebook.

The recipient can choose practically anything from the entire Amazon range of products, and there isn’t much that Amazon doesn’t sell these days, so by sending an Amazon Gift Card you know that they are going to be able to choose something that they actually want.

Now is this a great idea or what?