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Squidoo Money Making LensesMost people involved with Squidoo will realise that to make the best money you need to make the best lenses and get them into tier 1, the top 2000 lenses as classified by the Squidoo algorithm.

If you can do this you will immediately benefit from additional monthly payouts from Squidoo by taking a more significant share of the advertising & affiliate income that is raised.

It occurred to me that there may be some categories of lenses that are more likely to enter the top 2000 listing than others. So I decided to do an analysis of the best of the best i.e. the top 100 lenses at the very top of tier 1.

You can find the full analysis on my latest lens Squidoo’s Money Making Top Lenses Online Explained, which incidentally was immediately awarded with a Purple Star, so many thanks for that.

There were four clear winners in the category listing and top of the tree was the Buyer/Gift Guide lenses that represented 19 of the top 100 lenses. Thankfully that is easy to convert into a percentage, so easy in fact I will leave you to work it out.

The second highest scoring category was the How To Advice Lenses with 16 out of the top 100 slotting into this category. Not too much between them really, especially when you consider the analysis can only ever be a snapshot of a constantly changing scenario.

Next on the list, ironically, was the Top Listing category with 15 out of 100.

Finally number 4 of the top 4 categories was Books, with 14 out of 100. It is not hard to see that any of the top four categories could easily exchange places with one another and even Food, which was the next best category wasn’t far behind with 11 lenses in the top 100.

Strangely enough the very top of the list My 5 Favourite Juicer Receipes would in my categorisation come under food which as stated was actually the 5th rated category. Although to be honest any lens that gets into the top 100 is doing extremely well, whatever the category they fit in.

It is pretty clear that these statistics aren’t being missed by the Squidoo team either, many of the quests and magazines that have recently been promoted on Squidoo include a good proportion of the top rated categories. The Celebrate magazine and Good Veg for example.

So perhaps there is a clue there, get your lenses into the magazines and you are probably categorising them amongst the favourite and best rated lenses on Squidoo. That would have to give you a chance of getting to tier 1.

But I have discussed a little bit more than just categories in the full analysis, there is also a look at Squidoo awards, social signals and Google page rank. All of which I am sure contribute to getting a lense into tier 1 on Squidoo.

Anyway I hope you find it interesting, It was an interesting exercise to perform and I am sure I will take the time to go back and add to it in the not too distant future. There are plenty more parameters that could have been examined, given a little more time.


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