Scarcity Samurai Released!

Today has seen the release of Noble Samurai’s newest product called Scarcity Samurai. This is a product that follows in the familiar path of all the products of the Noble Samurai Team; the path of greatness!

Scarcity Samurai is a WordPress plugin that is guaranteed to at least double your online income over night. Once this plugin is installed and properly set up on your WordPress site everything else is automatic.

By adding scarcity to your marketing strategy you will immediately see a boost in your conversions, sales and income. Having your website visitors see beneath or beside your sale item a countdown timer will instantly trigger a fear in their mind of missing out on this limited exclusive sale.

This tactic has been shown to work just as effectively on men as on women. It works in every market. It will work for you!

I highly recommend this plugin to everyone selling their own products or affiliates’ on their website. For the next 5 days Scarcity Samurai is selling at half price. Grab this product before March 2, 2013 and seeing your online income soar.

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