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Romantic Gifts or Funny Gifts for Valentines Day

I am not the romantic type, I prefer to laugh and have fun.  Don’t get me wrong, the two are not mutually exclusive.  But given the choice of a romantic bouquet of flowers to say I love you or funny gifts for Valentines Day to make me laugh, I will choose funny gifts every time.

Can you image yourself shooting this love arrow? I think it is a perfect gift!

Funny Gifts for Valentines Day
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Even amongst edible valentines, I prefer those funny little love heart sweets to a big box of chocolates.  And the romance isn’t completely lost as my hubby can arrange for me the special little love heart candies that say things like “be my love,” “kiss me,” or “cutie pie.” And for him, I like to get a manly gift – nothing girly, romantic or pink.

Now I turn the question to you.  Do you prefer romantic gifts like flowers, candy, or jewelry; funny and romantic gifts like matching coffee mugs or heart covered dishes; or just funny gifts for Valentines Day?

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