I Love Decorating With Hearts!

I love decorating with hearts!  Hearts are happy, fun and generally colorful.  For me, hearts are the perfect shape to bring a bit of fun into any room.  So, when I decided I wanted to get some unique hearts for my home, I turned to the internet for shopping – as these days it is my first stop.

Starting with hearts in the kitchen, I was shocked and thrilled to find so many options.  I am not one to go overboard, so I prefer just a few accents, rather than an entire heart kitchen.  A heart teapot to sit on the counter, a heart waffle maker and heart muffin pans to create a fun and festive meal and for me one other piece of heart decor to sit out on a counter is perfect.  Then for special days a heart bowl and some heart plates are nice.
Polmedia Polish PotteryHearts also look great in the rest of the house. If you want to add a small touch of cute and romance in your bedroom or guestroom, check out these stick figures playing with hearts on a pillowcase.
decorating with heartsWhat’s your favorite room for decorating with hearts?

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