Time To Get Away From Private Label Articles

If you don’t mind cluttering your desktop or laptop with PLR articles than all power to you. If you are in the business of selling private label articles than my apologies. Although, you have probably made a sale or two off me in the past. 🙂 Many SEO service providers use PLR article packs for quick content on their SEO campaigns. Again, others use them for inspiration and as a reference when writing content for their blog or website. But their is a better content source (especially if you use SEnuke XCr).

Let me refer you to my Article Builder Review Squidoo Lens. Ever since I started using Jonathan Leger’s software with SEnuke XCr I have found my campaigns so much quicker to set up and the stickability of posts have increased. I can now have unique content in seconds for my back linking campaigns. The content it puts out is better than what you would get if you outsourced content writing to the Philippines. (That is not necessarily true but you know what I mean.)

Anyways, if you need quality content for your SEO business or for populating an auto-blog, than Article Builder is the tool for you. Like all of Jonathan Leger’s products, it is a low price for yearly access.

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