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ISEE Test Preparation, Study Guide and Books

Proper ISEE test preparation is the key to getting good scores on the secondary school admissions test. Some of the percentage marks on this test reflect a student’s academic performance as compared to other students; this is what gives this exam its competitive nature. It is therefore not only important to score high, but also to score higher than the other student’s taking the exam.
Having a good ISEE study guide can go a long way in preparing your child for this test. Preparing with sample tests is a very good idea. Tutoring may also be an option for those with deeper pockets. The exam covers vocabulary, verbal reasoning, the ability to relate ideas logically, arithmetic, elementary algebra, geometry and concepts, reading comprehension and also has an essay portion. It may be multiple choice, but it is very thorough.
ISEE books are a relatively inexpensive way of getting some good test prep. There are some very good products by reputable publishing firms that provide sample tests and offer other pointers. There are also lesser known (new) products available that feature integrated video tutorials and provide a full multimedia experience that is sure to engage any child. Also note that the SSAT official web site has an unofficial study guide you can order from them.
The private school exam can be easily mastered with proper preparation and study and should not be a cause of anxiety in your child.

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