Have You Ever Been to a TweetUp?

If you’re a Twitter user, you may have heard of tweetups. If not, they’re basically just social get-togethers for those who tweet … and their non-tweeting friends can come, too. Some tweetups are simply based upon your geographical area — local tweetups for anyone in a particular city or town — while others are theme-based and some attract tweeters from all over the country, even the globe.

I’ve been going to local tweetups here in Flagstaff, Arizona, for the past few years, and those events have ranged from about a dozen people to maybe thirty or so. We hold our tweetups at restaurants, local shops, museums, even a historic train station, and those venues usually offer us freebies, like appetizers, sometimes free drinks, product samples, even occasionally a complimentary tour. And, in turn, we Twitter users tweet about our hosts to the Twitterverse at large.

The main idea of a tweetup is face-to-face social interaction and networking with those we otherwise usually interact with online, primarily on Twitter but also on other social websites. At tweetups, I’ve made new friends as well as business contacts, and it’s fun to then follow those people on Twitter, having met them personally. I’ve even been to one out-of-town tweetup, that one held at a bed and breakfast where the hostess, a wedding pie baker, offered attendees samples of eight of her specialty creations. I later heard from her on Twitter that the tweetup resulted in a few new clients from among those who were there, as well as new clients from word-of-mouth started by other people who went to the tweetup.

If you’re interested in organizing a tweetup in your area or just want to attend one that’s already being hosted, please visit my page on How To Host a Local Tweetup for ideas and suggestions.

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